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  • Jonathan C. Pike - Chunky styleI'm a big milk fan. I've been drinking it my whole life, I even suspect I drank it as a little baby. Which just shows my dedication to this miracle of bovine excretions. But Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl. Oz. changed my whole perception of milk. Being a clever fellow, I bought this used and decided against expedited shipping - I mean, I already have milk, I can wait a week or so for some more. When I finally got it and started pounding straight from the jug, I was pleasantly surprised to find clumps of milk sticking in my throat! Inspired, I poured it into a bowl and ate the rest with a spoon. No cereal required! Now I save tons of cash not buying oatmeal, cereal, or chocolate chip cookies. Who needs them when the milk itself is a food? I just have a continuous flow of Tuscan Whole Milk delivered via standard shipping. All true milk fans rejoice!
  • bluespike9651 - Wow!The tablet is worth the price; that's for sure! I can say that the shipping was superb in timing and also handling of the product. I depend on the Transformer Prime!
  • Ron Gordon ""Super Shooter"" - My incredible Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 10-22mmI have had this lens for some time and I never actually used it until someone asked me to shoot the interior of their home for a real estate sale and listing. All I can say is "WOW"!!! The pictures came out extremely warm and sharp just the way I had intended them to be using the natural lighting in the home. No flash was used and the images maintained a balanced, dedicated look through out. This is some lens. I was able to shoot simultaneous shots of the different rooms without changing or moving my settings to compensate for lens anomalies because there weren't any at ll! This lens is just perfect for most of the work I do and to think it's been in my bag for at least the better part of a year...untouched, until now!!! ;-)