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  • gege90 - in strong like from afarI an not from NYC but have been there multiple times and I have to to admit that it is not my favorite place in the world. BUT HONY (the blog and FB page) somehow humanize the city for me and I am force to love it. Some of these pictures/moments are truly New York (IMO). Very nice job, Brandon
  • mzglorybe - I've liked the versatilityWe are still using the 2012 version of McAfee All Access, as it does not expire until 2013, but this newer version should be just as good if not better. It is supposed to work on tablets better than the last version. That is where I had my only glitch last year. The customer service at McAfee was great in any case, helping me to resolve the issue.

    We have it installed on all our devices, Mac and Windows, and have had no problems. It is on our desktops, laptops and cell phones. It does not interfere with any running programs. It does give you a warning for any suspicious activity... you have the option to go there to the site or not. The McAfee logo is displayed upon start-up of cell phone, so you know you are protected. It updates automatically as well and lets you know it has been done. I have been using All Access since June of 2012 with no malware/virus problems.

    No disc is necessary ... you download and register right at the McAfee site with your product code provided with purchase. What could be easier? I found it downloads fast too, unlike another reviewer. The size of memory on your computer might determine the speed, but in my case it was easy and fast. No complaints. Definitely recommended.
  • Good Times - A really well thought out, quality workout series...Ok, so there's no shortage of reviews here explaining in great detail anything you could hope to wonder about P-90X, so I'm going to limit my review to just a few things...

    This is a very well rounded, very well thought out workout series. It's a healthy balance of weight resistance, cardio, and just as vitally important, yoga and stretch. I really couldn't be more pleased as far as that goes. This is an all-in-one fitness series.

    The production quality is great. I like the look of the videos, and I like Tony and his partners in the videos. He is funny, motivating, and engaging. At no time did I find the program intimidating. They are encouraging and make you want to do your best.

    Yes, it's a hard series. But, it is not too extreme for anyone, in my opinion. Some have commented that it's very intense, and you shouldn't do it if you're not ready or you can't pass the fitness test. Well, obviously, you should use your own personal judgment, but please don't let that scare you or intimidate you. This is very doable... Even by someone not in shape, or a beginner. The secret is simply to modify to your current level.

    Tony is great at showing modified moves, and encouraging you to take breaks where and when you need them. The workouts have to address all sorts of people who are at different places in the series. I think they do a great job at it.

    I just recently finished the 90 days with my girlfriend. I have a history of working out, but had gotten way out of shape, and was about 50 pounds overweight. She had never worked out before, and was fairly trim. We both loved it. It was hard at the beginning, and I didn't think I could do it. But after the first month, it started getting easier. After the second month, I felt comfortable with it, and now that it's over, I can't wait to start it again. We both got great results.

    I did not follow the nutrition guide. I would have gotten even more impressive results if I had, but I just ate whatever, and tried to cut out some sugar and watch my serving size. I lost 22 pounds total, all my pants are falling off me now, and I'm much more cut and muscular than before. My knee and foot pain is gone. My back pain is gone. And my shoulder pain is gone. And I actually have energy.

    I am just now starting the Insanity program this week. I am doing a blend of P-90X and Insanity. The main workouts from P-90X and the cardio from Insanity. I'm excited about it. And I never would have been ready for Insanity if I hadn't done P-90X.

    Please, do yourself a favor and don't overthink this too much... If you can afford it, this is one of the best workout video series ever put on video. Probably the best. You'll love it, and you can't help but see results. Probably much faster than you think.

    Thanks. Hope that helps...
  • Faith Hoskins - Awesome BakewareI Purchased this bakeware set about A Month ago And I just love these there so easy to use.They clean up very well they are a little smaller than most 9 by 13 pans I've used but they are great..They seem real sturdy to would highly recommend this bakeware set to anyone.I would recommend to hand wash because dishwashers can ruin the nonstick surface..I Love this brand Calphalon planning to purchased the cookware set soon..