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  • Thomas P. Troyer - Kaspersky anti-virusThe Kaspersky anti-virus 2012 program can to be used for as many as 3 computers. I acquired this program on the recommendation of the Computer Technician from a school system where I had once worked. She has been involved with hundreds of computers for the past 10 years with all of the problems that kids of all ages can create. Some friends had also purchased the program with nothing negative to say about it. I had been using AVG free which I down loaded on line. I was very irritated with AVG since it was very obtrusive. Every time I turned on the computer it had a load of updates and this feature could not be turned off. When I tried to update the AVG program it would take me to their purchase a program site and would not update unless I would purchase the program. As part of the loading of the Kaspersky program I happily rid the computer of AVG.
    I have an old Dell 8100 desk top which has been often updated, memory, video card, etc. by my son who is a programmer. So... the computer is not just the standard 8100. This computer had been completely cleared about a year ago since it barely ran with all kinds of problems. The computer had again begun to slow down recently even though I have been using an Iola mechanics and the AVG program periodically to clean things up. I honestly don't know if the Iola program did any good or not. After installing the Kaspersky program which will take almost 3 hours which includes a full scan of the computer, I noticed a real change in speed. It was very easy to load the program, basically put in the disk and make a few clicks of the mouse. All anti-virus programs do cause a certain amount loss of control by the user. Virus checks are being made and acted on constantly. Updates must be done and some message windows open occasionally. I have found these to be very easy to deal with and easy to use. (My son says that he will not use an anti-virus program of any kind since he needs 100% control of his computer).He has the knowledge to fix any problems, I do not. I am seldom aware that the Kaspersky program is there, which I find a positive. I want something that works well without me having to deal with it constantly. By the way, my wife also remarked that the computer was going a lot faster lately.
    I also have a fairly recent Toshiba Satelite laptop. I installed Kaspersky 2012 on this computer as well. It took about the same amount of time to install as on the other computer. I see this long time period to install as a positive, since there must be more than smoke and mirrors and advertising blab to this program. I have noticed no change in functioning of the laptop but I only use it once in awhile. When I put a sandisk into this computer from my camera it asked me if I wanted it scanned. This occurred the first 4 times I put in this disk. I said no and it has not come up again. I use this computer much less often and the Kaspersky program indicated a need for an important update soon when I did go to it. The updates take very little time and require nothing from me other than a click.
    I do the things on computer that most people do; I buy online, check email, go to talk sites, play cards, search for information, and play some simple games and write. I find that this program does not diminish my ability to do these things and has speed-ed up the process. Kaspersky also offers a lot of information on recent viruses and the like and lots of other information in a newsletter if you would like to read it. It is easy to do and does not come to you unless you want it. I'm not interested and don't use it, but I'm sure that some will find it great. Though time will tell how well this Kaspersky anti-virus program continues to protect my computers, at this point I will highly recommend it.
  • Andrea - Amazing!!I started taking cymbalta and began to get constipated. My doctor recommended align and it's amazing. I feel so much better and I am regular again. I highly recommend!
  • Christopher - A Review of the AutoCAD NERI recently received a copy of Donnie Gladfelter's book AutoCAD 2011 and AutoCAD LT 2011: No Experience Required to review. The book is a behemoth at 982 pages and packs all of the steps required to create a plan set and model of The Cad Geek's Cabin inside. By using the example the user is taught how to create a plan set and the steps required to accomplish it. The book is well laid out starting with a review of AutoCAD's user interface and ending with converting the 2D linework into a 3D model of the building complete with materials. The step by step instructions are enhanced with AutoCAD screenshots of both where to pick and how the final product should look like.
    The target of the book is primarily new users to the program although newer features of the program are included which could benefit experienced users. Examples of this include the parametric, newer 3D tools and dynamic blocks. I for one hadn't noticed the Infer Constraints button on the status bar. The Infer Constraints button, according to the book, "...will automatically apply constraints between objects as you create or modify them." Another feature that I forgot about was the ability to detach the ribbon from the top or remove a panel from it and drag it off to the side. This provides functionality similar to toolbars the ribbon replaced.
    For the most part the book is an easy read and provides explanations and reasons for doing the steps. I also liked where the book provided examples on how to accomplish the same task in different ways. Such as using lines and offsetting, and them trimming or using polylines and offsetting them without having the need to go back and trim. The book has an index and glossary providing an easy way to find topics in the book.
    If we had a new hire in the office who wanted to learn AutoCAD I wouldn't hesitate using this book as a learning tool. It would provide a good foundation to build CAD knowledge.
    Disclaimer: I received the book from the publisher free of charge.
  • davekeep - A Radical ChallengeI'm surrounded by the comfort and convenience that epitomize the American dream. I have a computer on my lap, a warm fire is glowing beside me, and I have little to no understanding of what it means to be in want. My view of the rest of the world is limited, and I can easily lose sight of why I am so blessed.

    For these reasons I am grateful to David Platt for helping me see what I have a hard time seeing from here - that there are poor, starving, lost, hopeless people in this world who are dying without a knowledge of Jesus Christ or His gospel. Perhaps I live (and am blessed) to reach them.

    In his book, Radical, Platt uses the account of God's gracious activity in his own life and church to issue a compelling challenge to American Christians to think beyond the consumption of goods in order to answer the question: why have we been so blessed? The book is ultimately a call to live out our faith in a radically biblical way that will result in a sacrifice of our time, talent and treasure for the sake of building the Kingdom of God.

    I strongly recommend that you read Radical, but should warn you that you will be forced to answer some key questions:

    * Do I really understand what it means to be a Christian, and I have experienced the total abandonment that is required to be a Christ-follower?
    * Have I considered how rich I am when compared to the rest of the world, and I am using those resources for God's glory more than my own good?
    * Will I accept the fact that EVERY Christian is called to make disciples, and will I freely give my life to that end?

    As a Senior Pastor, I can assure you I haven't picked up this book for the last time. Nor will I soon forget the conviction it has placed on me. It is another clarifying moment that, "only one life will soon be past, and only what's done for Christ will last."