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  • Rosie in CT - Excellent EssaysThe diversity of the subjects covered by these essays as well as the exceptional writing is why I give this such a high rating. I chose it because David Brooks was the editor of this year's essays and although I don't always agree with him, I always read him carefully and respectfully. There are particular essays that will stay with me and have influenced my perspective (Edward Hopper, the universe, two on education, a country druggist). There was one essay in the book that I couldn't really understand and didn't finish; it seemed like a lecture. All the others were a combination of thoughtfulness, humor and the most wonderful writing in a compact, take-it-with-you format.
  • Tiffany - First period in over 70 days!I just got this on the 21st and I've only been taking it for 4 days. Well low and behold, I've started my period after over 70 days of not having one. If this is how it's going to be with these pills, then I'm all for it! I've been irregular since my first period, so this is a nice change. Can't wait to see what else these pills have in store for me! Will keep everyone updated :)
  • J. Shannon - Great Program *NOT FOR BEGINNERS*I saw a few negative reviews on this program before I purchased it. Most of the people giving it low scores were because it was too hard. Yes, it is too hard and the program states all over the place that it is not for beginners. I'm overweight, but have exercised on and off for years, so this was a good kick in the butt to get me back into shape. Had I never exercised, this would have been too much too fast. I am starting my 3rd week and I've already noticed quite a few differences, especially with muscle development. If you don't get results with this, it's because you aren't putting enough effort into it. It's tough, but a great workout.

    I'd say this would be a good program for you if you could do two straight minutes of jumping jacks... It would be hard, but if you can only do about 20 seconds, you should find another program.
  • Tyra Lynne Wahl "Oh books.... for the love of... - DermOrganic is an A+ for colored and highlighted hair.As a colorist I see a lot of products come and go that are meant to recondition hair and the scalp and retard fading. Actually I can't even count how many over the year I have used myself trying to get the promised result. However, I can honestly say that the DermOrganic line lives up to its promises.

    All of my color clients use the Conditioning Shampoo, Masque and Treatment oil now and I have seen 70% less fading in high fade clients who have uneven or overly porous hair (these hair types shed color much faster) and my clients with normal porosity have almost no color fading in the 5-6 weeks between touch ups. I myself have seen little if any fading in my own colored hair (dark red) and that is unheard of for a redhead because it is the largest of the color molecules and the most prone to fading.

    The treatment oil alone is really great for anyone who has any type of scalp issue as the Argan Oil has natural anti-bacterial properties. I have seen big reduction in break outs for clients with contact dermatitis of the scalp and near complete resolution of clients with chemical sensitivity when I add the oil directly to the color formula before applying the color. It acts as a wonderful smelling buffer without effecting the quality of the lift and deposit of permanent hair color. I have had clients report back that they have used it on sensitive skin as well as their hair with great results as well. Also it does not discolor highlights as some of the more pricey Argan oils can.

    All the way around whether it be scalp, skin or hair all of my clients are so pleased with the DermOrganic line that I have come to depend on its ability to retard fading. So much so that I will not guarantee the life of a coloring without them using DermOrganic as part of their daily regimen.