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  • BestInTheWorld730 - MUST HAVE FOR ANY WRESTLING FANThe title of my review says it all... if you are a wrestling fan, BUY WWE MONEY IN THE BANK 2011!!! You won't regret it. When I saw that Amazon was selling it I didn't second guess myself. I flat out one-click bought this WWE DVD. 5 days later, I received it. Of course the best match on the card was the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and John Cena(c). It was great to see CM Punk defeat John Cena in front of his home crowd. BEST CROWD EVER IN THE PG ERA! So if you are reading this review, as well as the others, and haven't bought this DVD, just slap yourself already. You don't need to read the reviews to know that this PPV kicked ass.

    Out of 5 stars, I give this PPV a 5. Best PPV the WWE has put out in a LONG time.

  • Angelique Hancock - Love it!A couple of years ago I joked with my doctor that I work very hard to be this fat. After reading the plan I now completely understand that all of the healthy foods I was adding to my diet were actually working against my weight loss goals. Thanks sooo much for opening my eyes!
  • Old Gray Moose - Bose Sound Bar - Typical Bose = EXCELLENTI bought this sound bar to go with a new LG 32" LCD TV a few months ago. Most thin TVs today come with what are at best, "just ok" speakers. My LG TV was no different. And let's face it, when you watch TV/Movies/etc. "just ok" does not cut it. I already have multiple Bose products (Compact L1, SoundDock II, etc.) so I know all about having to pay a bit more for Bose stuff. So why do I do it? Because it is worth it. Bose puts a lot of engineering into their products and it shows. Let your own ears be the judge. The first time I used this SoundDock I had a movie playing thru my TV speakers. I turned on the Bose and it was like going from B&W movies to color movies. Wow!!! So this is what I was missing? Wow...just wow. The remote is simple and brainless to use. A small power indicator comes on when the Bose unit is on. And the Bose turns itself off automatically if you forget. For $399 you can't get better sound than this in a package that fits right under your TV. Sound is good straight on as well as from the sides. While I make dinner in the kitchen (around two corners two rooms away) I can CLEARLY hear people speaking when the Bose in on. The TV/Bose is in my living room and it fills the whole space (HW floors and no cloth curtains). And in that setting there is enough juice to make things "too loud". So plenty of power. I have never had a problem with bass on Bose products but if you want chest thumping bass then this product won't cut it. Bose docks and sound bars do NOT produce chest thumping bass nor are they designed to. If you need THAT, then get a 5.1 system with a BIG subwoofer. Else, this works great and sounds fantastic "as is".