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  • Glenn Wong - Awesome cameraThis is a fantastic camera. I own various Nikon and Canon SLR digicams, and this FujiFilm bridge camera is as good as some of the basic ones from Nikon and Camera, especially without the need to change lenses (hence no issue of dirty sensor and pentamirror screen.

    The seller is also very prompt and fast in the delivery. Overall very good experience.
  • Zenmasta1 - Best tablet in the market!!!I consider myself to be a decent geek when it comes to tech stuff. So I have a lot of experience with various tablets. I have to say this tablet is amazing. I won't list the features because you can look that up yourself. But Tegra 3 quad core does make a difference on this thing. Like several others I have also owned majority of the other tablets like the Ipad 2, Samsung 10.1, HP Touchpad, Acer A500 and A200 tablets, Motorola Xoom. All were decent tablets but nothing compared to this gorgeous creature.

    Battery life is amazing, but even better once you purchase the ultra thin keyboard. Both items are perfect when combined. Keyboard not only helps the battery life but makes it easier to navigate and use the tablet like a computer. Only problem is when you have apps that only open in the vertical position then you have to turn the keyboard and tablet to the side or take the tablet off the keyboard. Not a major issue at all but something worth mentioning. No major issues so far. I have had the Prime for over a week now and so far everything works well. I finished a 2 hour movie on my last plane ride and the battery only went down 1%. Games, music and other software work seamlessly without any glitches once you run the updates out of the box. Make sure you charge both the tablet and the keyboard dock for the full 8 hours before you use them. There is a reason why that is the first thing they say in the manual. After that it does not take long to fully charge either device.

    Now as far as the wifi and GPS issue. Wifi works flawless. Just run your updates to Android 4.0 ICS and you will be fine. As far as GPS seriously just keep your wifi on and you can view things like google maps or whatever else you need gps for. I don't understand why people are making such a huge deal on the GPS issue. If you need gps then go buy a smart phone. Do you really plan on holding a 10 inch tablet up while you are driving your car? Seriously move on people. If you really need your location, just check your location settings and you will be fine. Google earth and Google maps work without any issues once you turn your location on.

    All aside I know everyone has their opinion on the matter but I really think they are missing out on the best tablet available to date. By the way I am including the Ipad 2. Yes, in my opinion this blows the ipad away due to the size, features and overall performance. Unless you love boring Apple products and you can't operate an android device, then that is a different story.

    Seriously, pick this Asus Transformer prime up and get the keyboard dock, you won't regret it. For the price, features and overall build quality you can't beat it. It is a really nice device. Plus do you really want to wait until June 2012 for the next model and pay an extra $100 when you can have this one now for less money? Well if GPS is that important then that's another story.
  • humdinger - Great book to teach you how to make people like/love youOk, so I had great hopes for this book, but was worried because the title promised a lot. Actually, its a great book just to make you a better person. It teaches you how to be a better person, to improve your people skills and draw people to you. I can see how it can help you be a better and more likeable person and draw people to you and like you, then some may fall in love with you. I wish the title were different because it sorts of limits the audience with its name.
  • Todd Salerno - A lens worth buying a digital slr forI've been more or less addicted to wide angle photography for the last 20 years or thereabouts. Unfortunately, ultra wide angle shooters have been left out of reasonably accessible digital slr photography until very recently. Now there are several viable name brand options available, namely the Canon 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 reviewed here, the Nikon 12-24mm f4, and the Zuiko 7-14mm f4. Because of the 3 different crop factors involved, these lenses end up being pretty close in (35mm equivalent) effective range; 16-35 for the Canon, 18-36 for the Nikon, and 14-28 for the Olympus. Many will caution against purchasing these lenses since they cannot cover the full frame 24x36 format, and cannot even be mounted on a regular body. In the Olympus' case, it doesn't matter since the company has staked its fortunes on the smaller 4/3rds sensor format, and has opened it up to other manufacturers such as Fuji and Panasonic. With the Nikon and Canon, you are taking a leap of faith that the companies will continue to produce 1.5 and 1.6 crop factor sensors into the future so that you will be able to take your crop-only lenses to upgraded digital bodies down the line. To my mind, Olympus has already demonstrated the desirable technical characteristics of a smaller sensor format, so there is good reason to believe that smaller than full frame sensors are here to stay. By extending the glass beyond the mount and into the body, and/or covering a smaller circle, Canon and Nikon are providing those same technical benefits to users of their smaller sensor cameras, namely sharp, extra wide angle in a compact package. Besides which, I'm much more concerned with the photos I couldn't take if I stayed away from the product, than I am with its unknown future upgrade path.

    While the Olympus lens and 4/3rds system was intriguing, I felt that the 7-14mm wasn't worth more than double the price of the Canon for 2 extra mm at the wide end. It's also double the weight - making it impractical for use as an everyday lens, and negating the advantages of the E-1 body. So, I was pretty much down to the Canon or the Nikon (or the always available Waitsomemore).

    At this point, I should say I'm platform agnostic. In the 80's I happily used Minolta equipment. In the 90's I bought some Nikon gear to use their 15mm prime lens. Basically, if it suits my purposes, I don't care what the label is.

    Back to the lenses. The Nikon is more expensive and less wide, but it does have the continuous maximum apeture throughout the range. The Canon is wider, a tad lighter, and a tiny amount faster at the wide end. Both appear to be excellent choices, but I could not consider them independently of the cameras they would be mated to. Since I did not already own a digital body, it also came down to a decision between the Canon 20d & Nikon D70s. Here, the Canon wins for me on quality of sensor and a host of other details.

    In practice, the lens is a joy to use. It's sharp. The zoom allows it to be as wide as you need it, which is an improvement over my previous favorite Minolta 20mm 2.8, though it does lack the depth of field scales which the Minolta has. The zoom also allows for keeping the lens mounted without switching as often, and that's important for keeping out dust. It's a very solidly built, quality instrument. Focus is fast if you're into that sort of thing, and nearly silent with the ultrasonic motor. The lens does not extend in length for zooming or focusing, though the front elements do move slightly inside the barrel. Mated to the 20d it's a tool that exceeds my previous film cameras in just about every way imaginable. I'm finally free to make the ultrawide photos that I want to make in the digital domain and the initial results have been outstanding.

    If you're into ultrawide and want to go digital, the 20d with 10-22 is a fantastic setup. If you've already gone digital and want to try wide angle, (assuming your camera can use ef-s lenses) this is a true bargain - you get a 16mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm all rolled into one. It makes me positively giddy. Thank you, Canon!