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  • Rachel Folan - Every woman should readI know she gets a bad rap, but there were so many times I thought, "I've never even thought of that!" I found solace in her vignettes and it eased some of my struggle with the question "why do I get deemed a villain for doing the same things my male peers do?" As a rising female leader with two young children, I really enjoyed reading it. I felt enlightened, inspired, and comforted all at once.
  • Cynthia Carroll - Great referenceI use this book every day for my job as a Medical Language Specialitst. Great reference - easy to read. My only complaint is that the pages are starting to fall out from use!
  • nyfolks - Life changing!This product is amazing. Makes my breath taste like nothing. I used to suck mints all day, especially when I was talking with people. Now, I don't need them at all. My breath is fresh all day long. It is truly amazing. You must try this if you have any breath problems. It's changed my life. I'm so much more confident. Thanks Dr. Katz!!
  • Gary Sutphin - A must for Interstate TravelersThis book is a neccessary "must" for anyone traveling our Interstate highways. It tells your what services is available at each exit complete with details of services, where the next rest stop is located, how far to the next exit. Makes long distance travel to areas you are not familiar with much easier. I don't leave home without it.