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  • Mark B. - Love this calendar!I'm on my second year, and I got the one for kids as well. These calendars are great for keeping your math skills up. For each day of the year, you are presented with a problem -- and the answer to that problem is the day of the month! Very diverse problem types, some tricky, some straightforward. Coverage of algebra, geometry, some trigonometry, number/set theory, the occasional calculus problem, and famous formulas (e.g., one problem from January 2011 required knowledge of Euler's identity: e^(i*pi)= -1). Basically what you would expect in an advanced high school setting. Also, the top half covers a mathematical topic of interest, with extensive references to web sites and printed works. If you want to boost your nerd cred, then nothing beats hanging this in your cube space and showing your work for each and every day of the month, preferably in near-illegible pencil scrawl.
  • Lissette Olivero - I love iti love it :) I wasn't expecting much I got much more the best tablet ever thanks amazon! :) Amazon is the best! plus I get to stream movies and watch them over my tablet :) its awesome
  • Julia Truchsess "Julia Dee" - I've died and gone to heaven.This SSD and a couple of 8GB RAM sticks installed in my early-2011 MacBook Pro in about 20 minutes. No problems whatever. 10 hours of copying later, I'm in love with my computer again, instead of swearing at the beachball every day, all day long. Everything happens instantaneously. Hurray for technology.
  • emily1979 - Awesome product....have some awesome tips for potential customers tooThis product absolutely works. Hands down...exactly what I needed. For insurance purposes I need to wait till January to get a tooth I broke fixed. The tooth is in the back so it's not really visible but I'm still really self conscious about it. I was going to meet this guy out of state and wanted to look my absolute best and not take any chances that the broken tooth would show. I reluctantly ordered this product HOPING and PRAYING it would actually work--AND IT DID!!!

    First, I don't know why the other reviewers on here made the instructions so difficult to understand. I can literally make a tooth in under a minute. All you need to do is put the pellets in boiling water until they become clear. Put the pelllets in a ladel so they don't get lost in the water. They'll clump together. Once they're clear, dump the clump out onto a plate. Roll it into a ball like a small piece of dough. Then stick it where ever u need the tooth and use your fingers and tounge to shape it and smooth it down on the back. The tooth will "grow" so make sure it's relatively small. Bite down to ensure the tooth molds to the proper alignment with your other teeth.

    Congrats you've fixed your tooth.

    As far as taking it out, molding it, shaping it and doing all that other bs described by other reviewers, I just allow the tooth to harden in place. Taking it out repeatedly was impossible for me. It kept loosing shape and doing it that way made my first tooth look pathetic. Wayyyy too difficult. Just let it form in place. That will ensure it doesn't come loose. I'll leave it in a few days and when it becomes discolored I remove the tooth using pliers. It sounds more dangerous than it is. I gently twist the tooth with the pliers until it comes loose and can be easily removed.

    As far as the color of the tooth I was really worried because the other reviewers made it sound like that was going to be a HUGE issue but it's not--AT ALL. THE TEMPTOOTH PERFECTLY MATCHES THE COLOR OF MY OTHER TEETH AS IS. But because of the other reviews posted I decided to make my first tooth using black coffee rather than water to boil the pellets in. Turned the tooth off white immediately. If coloring will be an issue for you, DON'T USE TEA, USE COFFEE--MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE

    Well that's it folks. Not difficult. Don't need clippers or a file or drill or anything but a pan, a ladle, and temptooth. Instant coffee if necessary. Easy peasy. Awesome product!!!