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  • yeye "yeye" - SMALL BOTTLE BUT REALLY WORKS AND STILL HAVE ALOT LEFT!!wow!! when i received this tube that i bought i was somewhat a little dissapointed because i felt i got ripped off by getting such a small tube .Anyways i applied this as instructed on a Monday and by Friday my skin tags fell off!! Only left with a reddish mark that i covered up with some foundation...this redness only visible for three days and now i am clear of all my annoying skin tags . Skin tag FREE !!! i totally recommend this product ! Don't hang on to those creepy skin tags or huge moles!
  • Acute Observer - The Taxpayer's Reference GuideJ.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2012: For Preparing Your 2011 Tax Return, J.K. Lasser Institute

    There are two reasons to read this book. 1) You are preparing a paper return and wish to learn more that what is printed in the IRS "Forms and Instructions". 2) You want to read and learn more than what you get from a tax preparer or computer program. Since your economic activities have tax consequences you should read or browse the relevant sections of this book as it applies to you. Some ignore the tax consequences until its too late. Since most people don't have tax lawyers, and may not be able to get advice on a telephone, or even from the Internet, you need to reference this book as needed. Do not be afraid of the size of this book as most people will not need all chapters. Pages xxv to xxvii has "What's New for 2011".

    Part 1 "Filing Basics" discusses filing status. Part 2 "Reporting Your Income" discusses wages, salary, other compensation; fringe benefits; dividend and interest income; reporting property sales, tax free exchanges of property; retirement and annuity income; IRAs; income from rents and royalties, loss restrictions; other income. Part 3 "Claiming Deductions" discusses deductions allowed for adjusted gross income; standard or itemized deductions; charitable contribution deductions; itemized deductions for interest; deductions for taxes; medical and dental expenses; casualty and theft losses; job costs and miscellaneous expenses; travel and entertainment expenses; personal exemptions. Part 4 "Personal Tax Computations" tells how to figure your taxes; AMT; "Kiddie Tax" on child's investment income; personal tax credits; tax withholding; and estimated tax payments.

    Part 5 "Tax Planning" Chapters 28 through 39 should be read by everyone. Part 6 "Business Tax Planning" Chapters 40 through 45 is important for the self-employed. Part 7 "Filing Your Return and What Happens After You File" Chapters 46 through 48 tells what happens after you file. Chapter 47 tells how to file a refund claim or an amended return. [The easiest way to fill in a 1040X is to fill in the new 1040 and then copy the information to the 1040X.] Chapter 48 discusses the possibility of an IRS tax audit so you may be informed and prepared. Chapter 48.11 tells about "Suing the IRS for Unauthorized Collection"! The `Glossary' is on pages 779 to 784. The `Index' is on pages 785 to 816. IRS Publication 17 is available for free.

    Class and sectional differences make politics, and politics make the tax code. The tax code is the scorecard of the winners and losers. [Today's income taxes fall more heavily on wage earners compared to the 1862, 1893, and 1916 income tax codes.] You can learn about this history by reading the "Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Your Taxes: An Easy-to-Understand, Easy-to-Use Primer That Takes the Mystery Out of Your Taxes".
  • Brian - Great Bike RackI purchased this bike rack on 6/26/12. I received the rack about a week and a half ago even though Amazon still shows the item as shipping soon. I am not sure what is up with that.

    I purchased this type of rack because we were always loading my bike and my wife's bike into the truck bed. I had to remove the tonneau cover each time which was a pain. The other top mount hitch racks required a special bar adaptor to take my wife's girls bike. The platform style just seemed to make more since. Also the anti sway locking hitch pin that comes with it was a very nice touch. My Toyota Tacoma has very stiff suspension and the back end can be a little bouncy. This hitch pin keeps the rack securely tightened to the inside of the trailer hitch. I also like the 7' cable that you can lock you bikes to the rack. It is nice if you need to stop somewhere on your way home from riding. It is nice to have the peace of mind that someone cannot easily walk off with your bikes while you are away from the vehicle.

    My only recommendation is only put the chain on if you are stopping and leaving the vehicle. The first day I used it I made a 2 hour interstate drive to where I was riding. The cable to lock the bikes to the rack must have been moving around quite a bit and scuffed my wife's bike a little bit. Not too bad. Wax cleaned it right up. I just only put it on now if I am leaving the vehicle and the bikes are on the rack.

    I read some other reviews were someone said the hooks that lock your bike into place would scuff the paint as well. I am not sure if this is the case or not. I tied old tube socks around the frames of our bikes before putting them on the rack. This seemed to protect it just fine.

    Overall this rack works really well for us. It is sturdy and was easy to assemble. I even take the rack off each time. Our garage is not deep enough to keep the rack on, even folded up. To me it is easy to take on and off. I am very happy with this product. I am planning on taking our bikes on our Florida vacation. It will be 2200 miles round trip. I am confident the rack will work well for us.

    Note: There is a silver threaded adaptor that is in the stem of the hitch. This is what your locking hitch pin needs to go through. It sometimes slips out of place in shipping and appears like there is nothing to screw the pin into. I called swagman after I was a little confused by this. The customer service was great. They told me exactly what to look for and I was up in running within a couple minutes of making the call. I fully recommend this product for its quality and great customer service.
  • Tracy L. Catlin - Individualized for the massesI have been working on my weight issues since I was a teenager. When I hit my 30's, I finally found my stride, but after the birth of a kiddo, everything came back on and I had to start all over. This time, however, things just didn't want to move. For ten years, I struggled. I ate all of "the right" foods. I lifted weights, I ran, did sprints, biked. Nine months ago, I discovered Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis and discovered that wheat was a huge contribution to my weight. Ten pounds fell off. Unfortunately, I was still not feeling well. My stomach would bloat up almost after every meal, and my low-calorie (yet sensible and healthy) meals showed up on the scale with a 5-8 pound weight gain the next several days. Enter *The Plan.*

    Like many people, I discovered The Plan on the Doctor Oz Show. I downloaded the Kindle version and read everything and decided to just do it. What could I lose? I went shopping and bought all the stuff needed. I was already a cook who loved to bake wheat-free concoctions. Wasn't too sure about that carrot-ginger soup, though! But if I was going to do this, then I was going to do it. Really, the carrot ginger soup was no big deal to make. I had half of it for the fridge and then froze the other half in ice-cube trays for my other days. The flax granola was a learning process. I have discovered that if I just add flax seed and water, and NOT put in the cinnamon and other spices, it will not be as slimy for when I bake it the next morning. Without the spices, it's MUCH easier to work with, and I can have it prepared in the pans in less than five minutes (baking time 50 minutes - an hour on low heat). I then add the spices to my milk when I eat it for breakfast.

    After the first three days, the cooking comes much easier. I make what I am supposed to make and then either freeze the rest or eat the rest for lunch the next day.

    I lost another ten pounds in the twenty days, and now I am making my own meals and testing my own foods and figuring out what I react to. I discovered that I have a severe reaction to whey protein--which was the basis of my healthy diet clear back when I was trying to lose that poundage that wouldn't budge. I also react to tomatoes and potatoes. Potato was my staple when I went wheat free. Many things make sense now as to why I could never get to my healthy weight.

    This plan is now individualized for me, because I decide what I want to test. I follow the basic guidelines that Lyn-Genet set in the first twenty days and then do my own thing. A person's body on the TP is supposed to get to such a state that the body notices a reaction of a test food by the next morning. *I* notice a physiological reaction about 30 minutes after a test food if I react negatively to it. I don't even have to weigh (but I do). I place no emotional reaction to the weight on the scale--it's just data to help me figure out things.

    I've not tried a lot of the recipes in the book, because I am too busy trying out my own. We do have that option and freedom. There is FB support from Lyn-Genet in which you can read more information or look at what questions others may have and then learn from them (or not). There are also various menus to follow on Lyn-Genet's web site, so in case the menu in the book doesn't work for you, you can try a different kind (vegetarian, celiac, etc.). I chose the regular menu and then tested other things rather than test for bread.

    Day 18, you test a restaurant.

    Day 21, you are done with her menus if you want to be, but she also gives you ways in which you can plan your own meals.

    Tips before trying out the program: Just because this may be a 20 day plan and beyond, it does not mean that you will be done with your twenty days in twenty days. If you react to a food negatively, you need to let your body rest and repair with friendly-food for you days before testing another food. My twenty days took me thirty, actually. Also, I bought the Kindle version, but I am still planning on buying the book copy just so that I can search for things easier. I am better at skimming with the physical pages than on Kindle, but Kindle was able to get me started.

    The point of The Plan is not actually weight loss, but to rid your body of inflammation which is a major cause of disease, depression, joint paint, migraines, allergies, and beyond.

    Since beginning Wheat Belly and then The Plan, I have no had any sinus problems; whereas, before, I was in pain and in discomfort daily. I've had two migraines in the nine months of this food change; whereas, before, I had a major headache once every 2-3 weeks.

    If you are in search of answers and you've tried everything "right" to help you be a healthier person, but you are still in pain, discomfort, bloated, overweight, The Plan might be the answer for you. The best thing you can do for yourself is to try it and see, but be sure you connect with others who are doing The Plan or who have done it so you are not alone.
  • Andrea David "Hazelstar" - A Sacred Piece of Art - Don't Miss Out!I have a story to share about this album. Maybe its not important to the majority who will read it, but it impacted my life in ways I still can't understand or discribe. I was 15 years old when I heard this album for the first time - to be honest, its the first time I remember every hearing Pink Floyd at all. I was at a guy's house (who I've now been with for 6 years) and I was just meeting him for the first time through a friend. He had this album on repeat and it was surround sound in his then garage bedroom. We talked for almost 3 hours straight with this album playing in the background and Christmas tree lights flashing in sequence with the music. It was a magical night, and I know no other way to discribe it. I was connecting with someone in a way I never had before, and this album helped expidite that reality. Since then, I call this album the bond that keeps me and my now (unfortunalty) long-distance love connected. When I get frustrated with the situation, I put in this album and then I remember why he is so special to me. The first thing he ever gave me was his copy of the Division Bell. This album brews love, passion and intense understanding. Some say its too "slow"... I say it's just mellow enough. Some say its not "Pink Floydish" I say, it speaks volumes of what Gilmour has accomplished through Pink Floyd, some say nothing compares to Dark Side and The Wall... I say, The Division Bell compares and is better. When I want to relax, I put this album on. When I want to have a good cry, I put this album on. When I want to remember, I put this album on - it's that damn good. And don't you forget - "She could take it back, someday".