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  • Keric S. - Great overall valueI waited a couple of months after ordering to give my feedback. I'm nothing but pleased with the quality of picture, ease of use etc. Integrated pretty easily with my home network. After comparing the features and feedback of this unit to many others and doing store visits, this purchase has so far proved to be a good one.
  • Carol S Blevins - It Worked !I have not yet had an occasion to use the free sample of the Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment that I received from Smiley360. But over the Thanksgiving holiday, my granddaughter thought she was starting to get a cold sore so I gave her one of the two sample doses to try. She thought it definitely helped because it numbed the area which in turn led to her not feeling the need to touch it. I have since spoken to her and she was happy to report that she thought the Orajel "scared away" the cold sore.
  • S. Granger "Writer & daddy." - I thought I knew Jim Henson, but I knew nothing.I've been a big fan of the work of Jim Henson, even going so far as learning to make my own puppets since I was 10. And I've seen almost everything that he and his family have done, at least with puppets. And now with my child I've seen most of the computer 3D shows as well. I thought I knew a lot about Jim Henson, but this biography made me realize how little I knew.

    The book starts out with a very touching introduction and a glimpse into how the master worked. Then it goes back to the time before there was a Jim Henson, describing his family that he would be born into. At first you might wonder why that's important but the Henson family played a big role in making Jim Henson the man he became. Without the Henson family, Jim would never have created his first Muppet.

    This biography is engaging and detailed. It's a lot to read but you may find that it's not enough. I couldn't get enough of the wonderful anecdotes told by family and friends. So many very personal stories about the man who gave the world so much joy. He became more human without losing the sparkle.

    I highly recommend Jim Henson: The Biography to anyone who is a fan of his work, even casually. Like every single Jim Henson creation, this book will make you feel even closer to Jim Henson as if he's welcoming you into his family. A great book on a wonderful man.
  • HeatherHH - A needed Biblical voice on the issue of homosexuality from one who knows the struggleThe main title of the book "Washed and Waiting" refers to the fact that as Christians we have been washed clean and are holy in God's sight, but we are still waiting for the day when we will have our new bodies and be without sin. The author is a Christian who has struggled all of his life with homosexual desires, but firmly believes homosexual behavior to be unBiblical and sinful. He is not one of those who has seen his desires transformed to the heterosexual. And so, despite the personal cost as he yearns for physical and emotional fulfillment with those of the same gender, he has chosen obedience to his Savior and celibacy.

    The author doesn't fit any of the stereotypes that some Christians have of why someone is homosexual (absent father figure or bad homelife for instance). He is just a sinner like the rest of us, and this is his chief area of struggle. The author is very articulate in explaining why he believes homosexual behavior to be a sin. And yet, his struggle with this truth is very evident as well.

    This is a very necessary and valuable voice to be heard in the Christian community. It is right and good for Christians to acknowledge homosexuality as sin, just like premarital sex, lying, and a host of other sins. But, our culture by and large does not recognize it as sin. And, even some in the church are reluctant to. It's wonderful to hear a Christian who is thus tempted to stand firmly for truth.

    One thing that really struck me was how important the author has found the support of fellow Christians to be. And yet, how many Christians are thus tempted and afraid to speak because this temptation carries a deeper stigma to some. It's a good reminder of the importance in being clear that homosexual activity is a sin just like any other, and it too can be forgiven by the blood of Christ. And our churches in general need to be more open in hearing of a Christian's struggles and encouraging them in pressing onward rather than looking down on them.

    I highly recommend this book to any Christian. I will probably recommend this book to my pastor as well. It's a very Biblical look at homosexuality, but also at the struggle we all have with our sinful nature as we are washed and waiting.
  • Carl M - Great toy for a three year old!Well, I had to wait until it was actually presented to the 3 year old at his birthday party, but I finally got some feedback from his parents (they live in a different state). The 2011 Hess Toy Truck and Race Car set was a smashing success. Everybody at the party enjoyed the toy immensely, running it all over the house. His father told me "nice job", which means it was a excellent gift.
    I don't have any more 3 year old grandkids, but if I did, I wouln't hesitate to buy another.