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Dr Frances Pitsilis, Professional Speaker and Trainer, Media Work, Holistic and Integrated Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Cosmetic and Appearance Medicine - Dr Frances Pitsilis is a highly experienced, trained and multi-talented medical doctor who is also an excellent communicator across all media. New Zealands TV, radio and print doctor, she consults privately over a broad range of health areas and also loves speaking about them. Dr Frances also speaks and writes about motivation, achievement, resilience and stress in life and work.


Country: Oceania, NZ, New Zealand

City: Auckland, Auckland

  • iMarie - This is a GREAT gameIt is well-designed and really fun to play.

    The "build" decisions are not allocating limited points among skill trees and attribute points (you get all the skills/runes eventually and your attributes points are automatic), but in finding the synergies between the way you gear, how you fight, and the skills and runes you choose to have active (and followers, I guess). This system gives plenty of variation and complexity in designing and playing your character. I think Blizzard was going for a truly great game that truly worked for casual gamers (i.e. people who don't want to play for hours at a stretch). Blizzard probably designed this game the way they did not to peel anyone away from WOW because that would be a net loss in revenue for them. So if you have to have skill trees, allocate your own attributes, be leet and have 15 buttons available to press try WOW.

    Battlenet has worked fine for me - I got booted once total so far - then again I didn't log on until a day or two after release.
  • Hope Eppes - Love this tabletThis tablet is great and up to date. I love how i am able to read my book on it. Very user friendly
  • D. Fahrenholtz - Twas a SnapI waited to update to Q 2013 until they threatened to end all of my download capabilities by April. I downloaded the new update and it went quickly and without incident. I love the quickness of getting around in the system and the color and large print. I used to wait at least 5 minutes for the Checking to show up; now it is there immediately. I'm a happy customer, except I paid too much for it ;-)
  • Grandlady - The Mini Plus is even more perfect than my first Keurig.I pretty well wore out my first Keurig coffee brewer (after nearly 3 years) and ordered a new one. Improvements have been made in the design, not that the early one wasn't great. I am really enjoying this turquoise aqua machine. My first Keurig was red. Maybe I'll just try all the colors. I know I'll have perfect coffee every time..
  • Sunshine21 - A must for the Self-Sufficient!!Excellent range of info. Not you're typical, do this to stablize person then transport to hospital. Covers situations where doctors are not available. Beware, alot of info is not typical of CURRENT US situation. Lots of info on things we in the US have forgotten but diseases/illness that will reappear whenever there is a breakdown in sanitation, nutrition and or disease outbreaks. One of several medical books on my book shelf. A MUST for Preppers and anyone else that believes in self-reliance!!