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  • Perry Fjellman "pfjellman" - Great drive, easy to remove from enclosureI ordered this drive for $69 on sale through NewEgg. It arrived in 3 days, with free shipping. The drive was packaged well, and appears to be in perfect condition.


    Quiet and fast! Met and exceeded my expectations for speed. Formatted right away, past the drive stress test and measured 180-190MB/sec for both read and write through USB 3. Works great with my MacBook Air.

    I loaded the drive up and tested it within its own enclosure first. After it tested fine, I loaded about 200GB of data onto it, and then let it run for a couple of days, just to ensure everything was perfect.

    After the initial test passed with flying colors, I removed the drive from the external enclosure. With the use of four old credit cards/hotel card keys and an Otter Box screen protecter applier (thinner than a credit card but still fairly stiff plastic), I had the case off in about 3 minutes. Granted, you have to deal with those dreaded plastic clips, there are no screws on this case (there are four once you get the plastic shell open). However, this was the easiest drive to open I've ever encountered. There are absolutely no scuffs and scrapes on the case after removal, and once snapped back together it still looks brand new. The case is a very nice, hard textured black plastic and is visually pleasing and nice to the touch as well. It is compact, but does require external power via a large power adapter that will block another plug in your power bar.

    I removed the drive from the enclosure, tucked it into my Mediasonic ProBay 4 bay USB 3.0 enclosure, and we're off and running! Removing it from its enclosure and putting it into the ProBay did not result in losing any data, or having to reformat the drive. It worked perfectly. Inside the ProBay it gets about 140-170 MB/sec read and write. A tad slower, but still nice and speedy, considering the bus is shared between four drives. This is a nice Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM drive, and I have no idea why it's so cheap (let alone cheaper in an external drive enclosure than just to buy as an internal).


    The drive did get a little warm inside its own enclosure. There is no fan inside its case (which is nice, as I'm a studio musician, any excess noise while laying down tracks is a no no), but you might want to put the enclosure somewhere cooler (not near a hot monitor or computer, for example) if you keep it in its original enclosure. Once I put it in the ProBay, it stayed nice and cool.

    No other cons as of yet.


    This drive will be used as a media server drive, and will never spin down or go to sleep. I will update this review if the drive fails within an unacceptable period of time. For now, I assume it will be a great long lasting drive (knock on wood).
  • Danielle M. King "deemkay" - Small enough to carry in your pocket, with all the key information you need at your side.I like my larger drug book, the information is great- but it isn't easy to carry around due to its bulk and weight. This is the perfect solution. There are nursing interventions, medication interactions, side effects- everything you need for drug cards for school, plus it is great for use after school is over to carry when working.

    Can't say enough about this little item, this will now be my go-to when ordering new guides in the future.
  • krista - This works really well.I bought this for my 50 year old husband who refuses to go to the dentist. I was DYING his breath smelled SO bad. I am not kidding. After the FIRST use it worked like a charm for hours. He actually blew in my face after eight hours and I smelled NOTHING. I REALLY recommend this for older people with bad breath... the truth is most old people get bad breath even if they don't need to go to the dentist... and no one ever wants to say anything .... give them this. Breath mints never work.