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  • J. Esteban - Windows 7 and AutoCad Lite 2011I purchased my first copy of Autocad Lite for Windows 95. I've been using the free upgrade to AutoCad Lite 97 for about 13 years now. I wasn't too shocked by the user interface differences and I was very pleased to find that I could popululate the sides of my screen with old style classic icons. So while I may not know everything there is to know about the new product I can import files drawn in Autocad Lite 97, I can create files and drawings with my autocad lite 97 knowledge and I can save files as AutoCad R12/LT2 dxf files which are readable by MacroMedia Freehand (yes I'm an old guy). So I still have the same capability of producing high quality and accurate cad drawings and then export them to tools that are good at creating artwork and graphics. So I've been pretty happy with the transition. I had been thinking about purchasing the software for a while and I decided that with the rebate it might be a good time to take the leap. I went to the autodesk website to get one of their mail in rebate forms. You can't use the Amazon Part Number. Use the model number instead 057C1-A8A111-1001. It works fines. I've already sent in the rebate. I've been really happy with Windows 7 pro. I probably could have gotten the Autocad Lite 97 to work on Win7 but I wanted to have the 64 bit version instead. The software installed without any problems. I'm running it on a T3500 Dell Precision Workstation.

    If you've never use Autocad Lite. You may not like the way that it constructs drawings. But once you get use to it you'll wonder how you lived without it. It really is a superior cad system. Unfortunately, it also has a superior price.
  • T. Certain "TCertain" - TF201 is awesomeI have never owned a tablet, but in playing around with an IPad my daughter-in-law owned, I decided to purchase one. When I mentioned that I was going to purchase a tablet my daughter said she had a Nook, but that a friend had a TF201 and he told her it was better than the IPad that his daughter had. So I went with this. I have nothing but good things to say about this tablet. I had read on the web that the IPad has better apps, better display, better this and better that, but if you use a browser that is not the built in one, you get a display just like you do on a laptop. I love this tablet and have nothing but praise so far. I have only had it a week though. I just ordered a screen protector and case and stylus for it also. So I will add to the reviews as time goes along.

    Thanks Amazon, you have great prices and offer great products, keep up the good work!
  • Uncle Tex - Better Than EverOur small business has used Quickbooks Pro since the late 1990's. The program user interface has always been friendly to techies, accountants, and those of us who must use it everyday to write checks, invoice clients and make deposits. The new version offers significant upgrades and many options for electronic billing and payments. While the product is excellent and performs virtually flawlessly, one of Intuit's major strengths is superior customer technical support.

    Quickbooks Pro 2011 will upconvert the backup files of most of the last 6 or so years of the previous versions; however, our version was still from the late 1990's and it simply would not update. Not to worry, Intuit's file repair technicians took our ancient format backup file and made the alterations required for it to be accepted by the newest version. took a few days, but they were friendly, and communicative during the process. I related my experience to a couple of CPA's and they both noted that they use Intuit's products and recommend them to their small and mid-sized businesses because they work, are the easiest to use, and that the customer and professional accounting support is simply the best in the industry.

    Enough said!
  • Jessica Allen - Amazing and frightening all at onceThis book was very intense, but not in an overwhelming way. Chevy Stevens writing actually immerses the reader into the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the main character Annie. A very astounding and riveting read, complete with a shocking twist in the ending. Best suspense book I have read since Gone Girl.
  • camerabug "camerabug" - Just what we neededWe are planning a trip to Ireland, and the tips and descriptions are great to help us plan the trip. We are relying heavily on Rick's suggestions for bead and breakfasts. Plus, we are using his suggestions for our road trip and what to see. We are looking forward to a great vacation, and I don't think we could have done it without this book.