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  • SevereWX - Couldn't Get Enough!This is the first book I've read from author Kerrelyn Sparks, but based on what I read, it sure as heck won't be the last. Eat Prey Love was an exciting book to read, and one I couldn't put down once I picked it up. I admit to being a fan in general, of these types of fantasy books, but the fast paced, intense moments filled with just the right amount of humor to keep you thrown off balance is just incredibly well thought out. The fact that you get a sense of who everyone is about so quickly, without being slogged through entire chapters of nonsensical backstories is what makes these characters really come to life, without bogging the reader down and killing the pace. This one should be on any fantasy lover's short list!
  • Gail Perrelli - The plan diet is greatI am using this diet and it works! I have been on many diets and I cannot believe I have no cravings for sugar. It's is the magic pill I have been looking for!
  • Kiara's Mom - What the heck is this thing made of? Can't be plastic...We bought this for our very young child (at the time 3) when it went on sale last year. I can't say much for speed other than streaming videos works perfectly. She mostly uses it for Freetime, which I adore, so many old shows she can watch (Mr Rogers/Arthur etc, and books she can interact with or reads to her while highlighting the words. Not to be a substitute for actual teaching, but a WONDERFUL tool to help get them excited about reading. But my biggest, hugest, most favorite thing about this thing: its durability.

    This thing has been through absolute hell. She's even had it in the trampoline without my knowledge and was jumping on it. Countless drops, numerous throws, hell I've accidentally stepped on it a few times not realizing it was half peeking out from under the coffee table.

    We bought a very cheap case too through amazon and even cheaper screen protector: rooCASE Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" Case - Origami Stand Tablet Case. Not even close to an actual armored case that is what we SHOULD have bought in hindsight. But a year later, with that case and the Kindle and endless torment, there is seriously not a single dent or ding or scratch on that screen lol. Insane props to Amazon, I wish more technology was built as well as this.
  • Milli Thornton "writing coach" - Lifechanging productI had an embarrassing underarm sweating problem, a side effect of PTSD. Had to plan my clothing choices around it, with limited success. I hated having to restrict my choices of what to wear because of this ongoing problem. I'd been putting up with it for years because I couldn't find anything that worked to reduce the sweating.

    I finally did an earnest online search and found this product. The SweatBlock started working right away. To say I'm happy to have dry underarms is an understatement. This stuff is lifechanging! Maybe not in the usual profound way people say that . . . but having the freedom to wear what I want and not have to try to hide my sweating problem has definitely helped my confidence.

    I discovered a bonus, too. The longer I use it, the longer I can go between applications. And I'm still on the first box. (I followed the example of another reviewer and learned how to reuse each sheet multiple times.)

    I do suffer from a drawback: uncomfortable stinging. It didn't happen at first (apart from maybe a few prickles) but the longer I use it, the more it stings each time I use it. I sometimes can't get to sleep for quite a while because of the heavy stinging sensation. And I've starting procrastinating when it's time to reapply. However, I still give this product 5 stars. I don't want to go back to sweating, so I'll put up with some discomfort.

    Thanks to the makers of this product. It is superb.