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  • Student2012 - This is Great!I was a PC person and did not want to take the time to learn a new program, so I bought this hoping it resembled Office for PC. It does. I was able to make power point projects and write professional looking papers for school with ease. I am getting an A in my adolescent psychology class in part because of the professionalism at my finger tips with this program.
  • j eaves - Works if you do it as explainedI live by this book now and it has changed my life forever. I had to change up the two protein heavy days by putting in some brown rice, even if just a little. My friend experienced terrible side effects on those days. A body builder told me that is how he eats and occasionally he has to put in some carbs to keep from being really tired, crabby and (for my part) confused. My thinking and response time was slower on those days. I was starving each time it was time to eat. My doctor changed it up for me, as I have been losing the amount shown and am in my second time through the process. It took off belly fat for me the first time through. I feel much better. Not having any bread is very hard at times but seems to be good for me. I read wheatbelly and grainbrain and think there isn't anything healthy about bread these days.
  • Hildegarde Minstein - Good Product But Don't Pay Full Price.At various times in my career, I have managed a counter for a major cosmetic company in a major department store. I have training and experience going back to 1968 with all kinds of high end products.
    Airbrushing is a conveniently clean hygienic way to apply foundation and blush, to contour, and to apply eye shadow. It produces a very natural looking result, even in full sunlight, blurring wrinkles and shadows well and filling in large pores to some extent. However, I didn't think the Luminess system looked so much better or was so much more convenient that it was worth 350.00, so I decided to return it.
    I called the company fully intending to return the system, but they offered to reduce my price 290.00 off the original price and sent me two confirmation emails and a confirmation number, so I decided to keep it. I still had to pay for the foundation I already had and I didn't mind that since I had used it, but they threw in an extra set of three different foundations in my shade. That made my total be 99.99 - 59.99 for the system and 30.00 for the foundation kit I'd already used.
    After doing some research, I found it on the web in various places for about that price. So I think that if you can find the system for 99.99 with the foundation included - go for it.
  • Chad in PHX "USA-1" - Great price delivered in a timely matterI have ordered several different products from Amazon.com with great results every time. I recently ordered software that I needed quickly. I paid a bit more for shipping, but they made it worth it. Received it when promised in great condition. I would definitely buy from Amazon again. Keep the prices competitive!