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  • TooTall - Radical not so radicalOkay, I know what you're thinking, "What? What does he mean David Platt's *Radical* isn't radical? OF course it is!" Or maybe you're not thinking that, and that's perfectly okay, but if you are my challenge to you is that it shouldn't be radical. David Platt's book is great! I'm not knocking it, but I have trouble reading it. I may be mistaken but since writing this book, how much has David Platt really given up? If his message is so critical why isn't free? Sure it was free to me because I'm writing this review. But if we're all missing the mark so bad, and if the central theme is all about giving up in the name of Christ, why doesn't David Platt give up his income from the book? Why don't the publishers give up their income to make this book more readily available? Again, I'm not knocking the message of the book, in fact I agree with David Platt nearly whole heartedly. I think he's write inline with other author's like Francis Chan and Craig Groschel. But the book is still going to cost my parishioners at least $14.99 somewhere. I don't know a lot about the publishing process or the cost of printing a book, but I have to ask, does it cost $15 to print one copy of one book? And if it doesn't, then where are the profits going?

    David Platt's book is a wonderful wonderful read. If you allow it it will draw you back into the gospel of Christ, and force you to take a hard look at the way you are living your "Christian" life.
  • Monika Blazewicz - Excellent Drug GuideThis book is a great reference for medications for nurses.
    Contains relevant nursing considerations for all medications, including patient education points.
    It's arranged alphabetically, but the appendices contain lists of drugs commonly used for certain medical conditions.
    Also like that it covers the less frequently used drugs (like antineoplastics).

    Just a word of caution for Australian and British nurses: some drug names used in Australia and Britain do have different names in North America (paracetemol is just one example), so you need to be cautious about this. A quick google search usually helps.