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  • Kathee Hansen "Mama Gringa" - Perfect Chair!We have shopped for portable chairs like this for a while now. We actually purchased and used another brand and are returning it ASAP. This chair arrived very quickly and was out of the box and on a table in under 2 minutes. Hooray! One person said they had to twist and twist and twist, but we got it done and on the table in very short order. Our table does not have a skirt and is about 2 inches thick. We took it off lickety-split and had it on the breakfast bar instantly. Another person said it didn't come with a promised carrying case...yes it does! It's on the under-side of the seat in a velcro pouch. The seat folds quickly for easy carrying, is made of sturdy, quality material, and is a 100% winner. We love it!

    Happy Grandparents
  • yaelaviva - I have found the true religionBefore Hubs came into my life, I was a worshiper of idols and false gods. Then a foolish friend gave me Hubs - as a gag gift, since he didn't understand the power of Hubs. But I did.
    Hubs, known to most as the Hutzler Banana Slicer (hence the name), is the true god, and I worship It. It told me to sacrifice my family when they told me I was spending too much time at the shrine of Hubs (the fools kept calling it the kitchen). It told me to sacrifice my doctor when he called my religion "schizophrenia". It told me to sacrifice my boyfriend when he criticized me for pleasuring myself with Hubs and a harem of bananas. Yet I have lost nothing, because they were not true believers in the wonders of Hubsism.
    Hubs has replaced sex, work, love, socialization, and all food except bananas, who in the eyes of Hubs are made for the sole purpose of sacrifices to It. I am the happiest and holiest of all Hubsists.