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  • bryanrep - Young again, but safe from a distance.My Bad Tequila

    I read My Bad Tequila by Rico Austin on my way to Cabo and finished it in my room as soon as I could in-between the party. I am a long-time San Carlos visitor and now permanent resident, so the place is special to me and also the past memories. For anyone though, he captures the essence of a Mexican adventure no matter what the town. I still laugh just at the thought of passages, or maybe I cringe. Safer that Rico lived the experience and you get to read it. Maybe you missed out on a spring break trip to Mexico when you were young, but you're not too late to kick back with this good read. Rico draws you in, makes you feel a part of the adventure, and won't leave you with a hangover. You might just be booking your own trip south to create tall tequila tales ... but I would leave that to the professionals.
  • Linda King - probiotics works!I had been suffering IBS for several months, and have had a weak stomach growing up. My family doctor suggested trying a probiotic supplement for me to strengthen my digestive system's immune system. The Align has cured me. After that, I have read some articles about all the health benefits pf probiotic. I recommend everyone to take probiotic to maximize their wellness!
  • K. Downes - Every American Should Read!This book, They Fired the First Shot, is instructional on many matters concerning America. From it's forming roots of the Constitution to now, one can easily comprehend the reasons for holding firm to the principles of our Founding Fathers. This book uncovers and reveals truths of America's formation that one may not have understood previously. Read to understand what is next for America; You won't believe it. A real page turner to be read by every American!
  • ikinoii - Durable and easy to clean - Awesome, even 1+ year later!!!On a budget? Buy this vacuum. Seriously.
    Not on a budget? Buy this vacuum anyways. Seriously.

    We bought this little guy probably around a year and a half ago, on a pretty strict budget, with two cats, and a fully carpeted 800 sq ft apartment. It worked AMAZING. It pretty much comes to you in one piece with a nice selection of accessories, and gets to work sucking up all that cat hair and people hair like a pro. YEAH!

    Fast-forward three moves, another long haired cat, and a little less carpet, more tile. A month ago, my precious vacuum started to feel weak. The suction wouldn't suck up as much cat hair stuck in the carpet and couch. NOOOO!!!! While mourning this terrible tragedy, I realized I had never really cleaned my vacuum. It says to clean out the vents every 3 months, and I possibly did this half-assed once or twice. So, I set to work deep cleaning, hoping to save the vacuum. I air-can blew out the top set of vents and filters till they were 90% dust free, taking out the tiny grey cylinders and washing them, and cleaned out the dust cup. The cool thing is most of this vacuum comes apart so you can wash it with soap and water. I cleaned out the hoses, the brushes, and de-haired the main floor vacuum piece (I'm not sure you can wash this part in water). Add a new $8 set of filters (hint, clean your old ones on time, and you won't have to buy a new set) and minus an hour of my time, I now have a vacuum that works like new!!

    Upon my journey for new filters (which you can actually buy on Amazon as well), I discovered that Shark even sells green parts to this vacuum, in case purple hasn't always worked for you!

    One complaint is that it tips over easily. I like to use the brush tool on the hose to clean the tile, however, I can't stretch the hose too much or it tips over, crashing into me or the floor. Ouch! Despite the fact that the vacuum has body slammed the tile (and me) several times in the last few months, nothing has cracked or broken in any way beside some surface scratches. Neat, right??

    So, buy this vacuum. Despite it being slim and lightweight, it will take your abuse and give you a good constant suction strength for a good long time!
  • Mark Hopkins - Green Product!! Uses no electricity and doesn't require batteries!I've reduced my carbon footprint in a major way because of this product. All those times before when I needed sliced bananas for my family's cereal I had to pull out the Cuisinart and the slicer blade. To think of all that coal mined and burnt for my electric usage! Not to mention the natural gas used to heat my water in order to wash the food processor efficiently. But thanks to the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer I'm not using ANY electricity or depleting our planet of fossil fuels when I want sliced bananas (unless it's dark and I need to turn on the light to find the banana slicer in the drawer). I admit I still use a little warm water and soap to wash this banana slicer but overall this is a much more sustainable product compared to a food processor.