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  • R. L. Morse - Love the Bose sound systemMy husband and I love the Bose sound system. The sound is amazing and we can finally watch TV and hear everything without having to crank up the volume. My only complaint is the directions that come with the system tell you to connect it to your tv when really we needed to run it through our Direct TV box. If you connect it directly to the tv without running it through your cable box it doesn't work. I don't know a whole lot of people who don't have cable so Bose might want to update their instructions. Other than the directions the Bose Solo TV sound system is amazing and worth every penny.
  • Rudy - Works great! Best I've tried.I have been taking probiotics since the early '90s. I can't say I've ever really noticed any benefit from them, but of course one never knows what would have happened had you not been taking them. Anyway, I find this to be the case with almost every supplement. Align is different. For the first time in my supplement taking history, I can directly connect a huge improvement in my overall digestive health since taking these. The difference was radical and dramatic. I've never really had a problem digestion-wise, but without going into gory detail, these have greatly changed my digestion. In the past, some of the probiotics I have taken have cost really BIG dollars.Refrigerated, time delay, organic, specially formulated blah blah blah. $90 bucks for a 30 day supply? Been there, done that. I tried these after my brother's doctor suggested that he try Align for a problem he was having. I figured, why not try 'em? Glad I did. So is my brother! Solved his problem literally overnight. Anyway, I'm glad I tried them and will continue to take them regularly.
  • Ian Smith - The novel that isn'tSimply phenomenal. History told through fiction is always entertainingly instructive, but Red Plenty is light years away from the classic historical novel. This is the Soviet Union in the 1960s; while the West wrestles with pop culture and the Cold War, the USSR grapples with maintaining an immense centrally planned economy. The gradual and inevitable slide under Khrushchev into irrelevance and inefficiency is documented with riveting detail. Perhaps what makes this so compelling is that author didn't start out to write a novel. It simply became one.

    Painstakingly researched (the author’s end notes are as absorbing as the book itself), superbly characterised (real and imaginary - and several of the fictional characters are based on real ones), creatively structured (chapters are named not numbered), and written with his usual quirky brilliance and remarkable powers of observation and description. You can imagine him walking the countryside of Alexandrosvk ((Whire Dust, 1993) or standing in the atrium of science in Academgorodok (Police in the Forest, 1968), drinking in the sights, sounds and smells, to regurgitate later as pictures in words.

    So what will he write next? I hope it's a book on medicine. In a couple of places in Red Plenty, he demonstrates a profound understanding of the human body, and an uncanny ability to communicate complexity with clarity. Try his description of the agony of labour pains in ’Psychoprophylaxis, 1966’ (can anyone other than a mother describe it better?) or his brilliant explanation of carcinogenesis in the ’The Unified System, 1970’.

    Definitely one of the best - certainly the most versatile - of modern English authors.
  • charma - Quicken 2011I recently purchased
    Quicken Deluxe 2011 from Amazon.com and am very pleased with it. I received it in only four days. Having been using an older version of Microsoft Money, I was concerned that I would not be able to import my ten or more years of data from 'Money 2003' (the Quicken instructions said you must have "Money 2007" or later in order to import your data into Quicken). I was, however, able to download a trial version of "Money 2008", import my "Money 2003" data to that then, in turn, import it into Quicken. I am just learning the Quicken system but am very impressed with the myrid of reports and other functions in Quicken.Quicken Deluxe 2011
  • mizuink - My daughter enjoys itI bought this for my daughter when she was about 2 months. I can honestly say that this taughter her to grasp because it was the first thing she grasped without assisstance. Around this time, she was kicking and that was the reason why I bought this originally. She was very surprised when she kicked the keys and she heard the sounds. The way the mirror hangs, she was also able to see the lights light up which def. caughter her interest. This kept her entertained for up to an hour, which was nice for me since I finally got my free time. The only thing that I didn't like was the lion hanging toy...it doesn't do anything like rattle, it's just a plastic lion. Nothing special. The elephant has a ball that can be easily spun, the red bird has something inside which makes a rattle sound, and the frog has rings hanging from it (those and the elephant are my daughter's favorite)

    My daughter has not learned to sit up by herself yet but she already shows interest in the keys now that she can roll over to her stomach. The brightness of the mat catches her interest too which is good. It's worth the money if you have a kicker!