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  • terpfan1980 "Barry" - Versatile camera with amazing zoom capabilitiesI had the good fortune of being able to review another Fuji super/high-zoom camera (Fujifilm FinePix SL300), a 30x Optical Zoom "budget" camera that I since went back and bought a second of just so I could give one to my brother's widow to have as her own. With that camera, part of my initial impression was that the FinePix SL300 felt "light" and somewhat "cheaply made". Even with the weight of the lens(es) in that camera, it just has a feel that gives off a bit of a budget camera vibe. That camera works very well, really there's absolutely nothing wrong with it from an operational and usage point of view, but it absolutely felt to me like a camera that would probably break into a myriad of pieces if it was to be accidentally dropped.

    Flash forward a bit (no pun intended there) to me obtaining this very nice FinePix HS50EXR and I'm struck by just how much more hefty this camera is compared to that one. Granted, with a 42x Optical Zoom lens system on it, it should have some heft, but beyond the lens, well into the body and overall construction, this camera just exudes heavy duty and heavy weight construction. It felt very substantial as I took it from the box, and feels a bit like a brick as you hold it in your hands. That worries me a little in that I can imagine my arms getting tired while holding this versatile beast up in the air to take photos or videos, but given the zoom capabilities, it is a trade off I think I'm more than willing to make.

    This is a feature rich camera with a well thought out combination of optics and lenses that offer a lot of the best of all possible worlds in the photographer's spectrum (again, no pun intended). Fuji has obviously put a great deal of effort into creating a competitive product here and it really shows in the resulting camera.

    Some observations:
    * I love the automatic electronic viewfinder detection. Hold the camera up to your eye and the LCD display is turned off in favor of the electronic viewfinder. It limits the distraction for others around the user of the camera and offers old school photographers (like me ;-) ) more privacy in getting our shots right.
    * The lens system is a bit stiff, at least during the initial usage. Moving the lens through the various zoom range felt a little stiff and sluggish. I think that is to be expected, at least during a break-in period, with this sort of camera and hope, and expect to a large extent, that over time the lens system will move more freely. Actually the stiffness is a good thing since it makes it less likely to accidentally change the focus while holding the camera, but at the same time, well, a user might like it to be a little less stiff.
    * Related to that thought, it takes a good bit of user's adjustment to move from a camera with a fully automated focusing system with easy focusing just by flicking a lever one direction or another to this camera where the user must do the majority of the focusing by rotating the lens. This camera is more in the line of an SLR type and less in the line of a simple point-and-shoot style where the focus is traditionally done by flicking a knob or lever to zoom in or out.
    * Zoom beyond 20x (approximately) into the higher range is not immediate and can take a little patience to get through. Zooming out to the approximately 20x range is very quick and somewhat smooth, but as you venture beyond that range this camera takes a little time to catch up with you. Basically don't expect a nice smooth move from 20x through 21x, 22x, 23x, etc., up to 42x. It would be more in the range of 20x up to 30x, up to 40x, etc. You can make finer moves up or down, but the primary movement in the range tends to happen (on the upper end) in bunches.
    * Weight may be an issue for long-time usage. I would seriously recommend getting a tripod to use with this camera, even a small portable type, so that you can set this camera up on it and hopefully avoid having to hold it over the longer term. I would expect your arm to get tired relatively quickly as the heft starts to take on a toll for the user.
    * The 3-inch LCD display folds out and adjusts to virtually any angle you could ask for. I love that feature as well. Flip the display out, turn it around if necessary (flip it over as necessary) and angle it to where it is easiest for you to see. Especially useful if taking pictures that require holding this camera up above your head or eye level.

    Items that don't come with this camera but will be desired:
    * A nice camera bag to hold this wonderful camera. I was able to obtain a bag locally (at a local 'mart) that seems to do the job for me, but would note that because of the size of the lens, you'll need a bigger bag for this camera than you might find on most shelves. That's a good thing, but is worth noting so you shop around for something roomier and less constrained for this camera to be carried around in.
    * Memory card not included. Expect to purchase an SDHC memory card for use here. Class 10 typically recommended. It isn't that expensive, especially not when you consider what you'd spend on this camera, but it is a necessity and should be obtained when you get the camera, or should be expected to be needed before being able to use this camera.

    I'm not sure I could recommend this camera highly enough. It makes a great addition to my stable of photographic equipment. While I still love most of the other cameras I have, I can see where this camera would be right at home throughout most of the usage I might think of.
  • G Word "G Word" - Works As AdvertisedThere are a lot of theories and assumptions made about the effectiveness of colon cleansing. I am not a medical authority so it is impossible for me to comment as to this product's capability to acheive the intended medical benefits over time. I will say that I have been using this product for over six months and have found that it does everything it advertises. If you take the product as directed, your digestive system will become regular, and you will be a lot more sensitive to the few occassions later you experience constipation. I use to get frequently constipated, however, since using this product, I have been constipated in the six month period less than four occassions. It is important for the user to be consistent in taking the product in regular intervals and also do not resist the urge to respond to your body's need to naturally cleanse itself at the time. Very effective, I plan to not stop using or substitute to the other multitude of products available. I"m not saying the others are not effective, because I have never tried, however, I know this works, so why go to another?
  • Alana Joy - Perfect for on-the-go!I have and LOVE the Bumbleride Flyer... however purchased this stroller for travel and running around. It's super easy to snap my B-Safe carseat directly into it and GO. It folds up SUPER easily and fits better in the trunk of my convertible. The Bumbleride is great for an afternoon at the park or neighborhood walks however for running errands and airplane flying, the B-Agile has been amazing. Lightweight, ease of use, quality product. Better than expected, very pleased.
  • Efrem Sepulveda "history geek" - Comprehensive look at the Man in BlackRobert Hilburn's massive discourse of the life of Johnny Cash kept me captivated throughout its 638-page length from young J.R's walk on a gravel road in Dyess, Arkansas singing gospel tunes to his passing as a famous, but tired man in Hendersonville, Tennessee in 2003.

    What impressed me about this book is that it pulled no punches. It was a definitive warts-and-all book with the story containing years of struggle with infidelity and drug use; long stretches of music recording that produced absolutely no hits; his struggles in the Christian faith and the physical toll that long stretches of being on the road did to him. However, out of this milieu of pain came a man who wanted so badly to proclaim his faith, sometimes to the point of sacrificing gains in his career. He was generous to those in need and made a triumphant return to the charts before his passing.

    The book provides extensive details of his life in the Air Force, his relationship with Sam Phillips during his time recording with Sun Records, his turbulent relationship with his first wife Vivian and his career rehabilitation under the guidance of Rick Rubin who helped him to record his excellent swansong "Hurt." His efforts at hosting his TV series in the early 1970s are detailed in this book which ended on a sad note with Johnny Cash hosting a circus themed show and him holding a monkey. There is so much that is contained in this book that you probably can't find anywhere else. The bibliography and endnotes are massive evincing a well-researched book. Many interviews were conducted in this book that included people like Marshall Grant, the longtime guitar player in Cash's first band, John Carter Cash, his son with June Carter, Roseanne Cash and many others. I highly recommend this book for those who want to read about the Man in Black. Hard to believe that he has been gone ten years. Hope to see you on the other side Johnny. Five stars.
  • Marsha Farrington - A Town Like My OwnRefreshing, delightful and providing a chuckle every now and then. Just like my little town I moved to one year ago. Excentric people that have nothing but love and kindness for their neighbor. And all shepharded by their Rector. He reminds me of our new minister. I love this book and have read the next in the series which I loved even more. Now on to the next.