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  • Caitlin Martin "addicted to words" - Simply, quietly, brilliant and canny ...Mantel writes beautiful prose and has a deeply held perspective on history. After a zillion books about Anne Boleyn and her fair, but lost head, Mantel's telling of this story is rich and compelling. Seen through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell, the Tudor court is both glittering and rotting. As Henry's top advisor it is up to Cromwell to re-write the past, to punish transgressors to Henry's vision, and to remove any obstacle to Henry's desire for a son.

    Henry is an after-thought here. He's the Wizard of Ozian character, back behind the curtain, pulling the levers and setting the task. The stars here are Anne and Cromwell as they pursue a fever-pitched battle for survival. If you know only the bare bones of this history, you know who won (and no, it was neither Anne nor Cromwell).

    Mantel's writing is impeccable, her plot and timing spot-on, her imagery vivid. This is not your average historical fiction, but rather a deep dive into the history of the Tudor court in all its tarnished beauty. A must read.
  • Krista Widler - In love...This product is everything that I hoped it would be and more. I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 phone so having this tablet is great because it's just like my phone. It's very user friendly and I love being able to have everything match my phone. The apps it has too is great! I couldn't be any happier. Definatly worth all the money!
  • Avid Reader - 5 stars for enjoymentI just spent two days with my kindle engrossed in Who Asked You, by Terry McMillan. Understanding that this book might be characterized as light reading or "chick-lit", it offers what so many more serious novels don't - wonderful characters who grow, insightfully succinct writing, and an emotionally satisfying ending. It's an entertaining and fast reading book - one that you won't put down.
  • E. Mortensen "book addict" - Chronic cold sore suffererAs such, I've had to deal with the pain and embarrassment of cold sores. When I was younger, there was nothing that could be done for a cold sore. You just hoped it went away quickly. The minute this stuff hit the market, I tried it. I am a true believer!! If you happen to catch the first signs of a cold sore, Abreva can prevent it from ever erupting!! It's amazing. We are not always that luck though and I have sometimes awaken in the morning to find a cold sore on my lip. This stuff helps the cold sore go away MUCH quicker and the sore never gets as bad as it could. Yes, it is a lot to pay for a small tube, but a little goes a long way.

    I would not recommend buying the pump version though. I bought it once. The problem is that with the pump, you can not control the amount of medicine that is dispensed, and I find the amount that it does dispense is actually too much. This leads to you wasting half of the medicine, and at the price of this medicine, that's not acceptable. The tube is much easier to control. My biggest problem is that I keep losing them because they are so small!!!
  • Lindsay M. Coleman "LindsayC" - YOU CAN BUY WITHOUT FEELING BAD!As someone who has the FEC Donor Advanced Search in her bookmarks bar...

    Go to this website:

    Type "Mizuno" in the employer/occupation field, and you'll see that, overall, not a lot of money is going to any political party. When you look at the big picture-these aren't very political people, these are very small contributions considering an individual can give $2500 per election (once in the primary once in the general) and over $130K total to parties, campaigns and committees each year. But it looks like it goes both ways. Actually, I think more money goes to democrats. But these truly aren't very political people. You can buy without feeling bad!