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  • Kate J. - Gives a whole new outlook on recycling and trashI'm almost done with the book, and wow! has my mind been changed on how I view recycling, trash, and the carelessness of us "mass-consummers". Your eyes will be opened to the truth behind the "trash crisis" in America and what we are (and aren't) doing to change it. It is shocking, revealing, and horrifyingly accurate on the real truth behind the everyday items we toss into our garbage cans. I highly urge you to read this and make recycling, reusing, and reducing a New Years resolution!
  • Ask Althea - Great communications replacement including phone...lolI love this tablet. Of all the droid tablets, it's the most functional because it has a keyboard.

    Pros: Aluminum case, auto update to latest ICS with zero issues, GPS dongle - Asus fixed the problem instead of ignoring it, great screen glass and very responsive/accurate, extra connection slots - USB, micro HDMI, extra life with the keyboard/docking station. Basic desktop apps in the office bundle that are enough to make edits but not robust enough to replace MS Office. Lighter than my laptop or the only HP tablet with touchscreen (though I like that, too). Love the Android apps. NO NEED TO BUY A WIRELESS CARRIER BUNDLE. Meh, I use my Verizon Mi-Fi when I need it, but Wi-Fi is almost ubiquitous. It's a great phone with Skype or my Vonage mobile app. Will eventually tether to my mobile phone, but I like this better than the mobile phone because of the screen size, so may go the other way and drop my mobile carrier

    Cons: Had to root it to remove all the bloatware. Managed to do it without bricking it, which is sort of scary, but tons of root support out there in the universe. Even more functionality now. The GPS dongle (need it, but hate it). Because I have Mi-Fi, I don't have distance issue to a Wi-Fi hot spot. I prefer the aluminum case to plastic. Upgrade options - always need more storage and memory. Wondering about Windows 8 on this tablet...

    Got it at a fantastic price on Amazon about 4 months ago. The price seems to be jumping around a lot. If you want it, watch the price and pounce when it goes below $600. If you hate it, you can return it in 30 days.
  • John Grove - Critical Thinking 101This is an excellent book exposing the rhetorical tricks people play and how to avoid being caught up in them. It shows us how people immunize themselves against the disconcerting facts that upset their pet theories and how they shield them to the point of unfalsifiability. His chapter on '"But It Fits! And the Blunderbuss' is worth the cost of the entire book having witnessed many of these tricks firsthand. Stephen discusses the excuses people make when science does provide evidence that their pet theories fall by the wayside. He exposes these devices and shows us why they fail and shows us how not to fall for them. Every chapter is informative and spot on. His evil god challenge is one those things we all hit ourselves on the head and say, "Why didn't I think of that"?

    His examples are all excellent and I like how he clearly elucidates the problems that seemingly many people miss. Even many intelligent people can sometimes get caught up and fall prey to a intellectual black hole at times. This is a book that should be widely read by any who value truth and rigorous logic. Unfortunately, the folks who can get the most out of this book will be the ones who do not read it.

    I highly recommend if you enjoy this book to visit Stephen on his website for much more intellectual meat. See his debate with William Lane Craig and watch some of his videos. He is a top notch philosopher.