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  • Aaron Strout "Social Marketing Guy" - Age of Context and Internet of ThingsIf you remember the award-winning movie, Jerry McGuire, featuring Tom Cruise and Renée Zellweger, you'll recall one of the signature lines, "you had me at 'hello.'" In this case, the same thing could be said about Robert Scoble and Shel Israel's new joint effort, "Age of Context" for three simple reasons:
    1) I am a huge location-based marketing fan and am a bigger believer in the future of "wearable" computing
    2) I am personal friends with both Robert and Shel and have talked about many of the concepts discussed in the book with them.
    3) I sit on the advisory board of one of the companies featured in the book, VinTank. In my mind, what CEO, Paul Mabray, and CTO, James Jory, are doing for the wine and food industry is game-changing... and it starts with understanding the importance of context.

    In addition to the three reasons I list above, there are at least a dozen other reasons I enjoyed Age of Context and appreciated the connecting of the dots Robert and Shel did in the book. Given that I work at an agency that specializes in analytics and places a premium on the digesting, analyzing and providing insights on large sets of data, I couldn't help but appreciate one of the opening quotes in the book that says, "just about everything we enjoy and need online comes to us from data. [Data] is the oxygen of the Age of Context." This phrase in my mind perfectly frames the essence of the book.

    Diving into the meet of the book, Shel and Robert discuss five principal forces:
    - Mobile
    - Social Media
    - Sensors
    - Big Data
    - Location-based Services

    Robert and Shel use these forces to provide examples of companies that are either creating the hardware (Google Glass) and software (Findery) OR are putting the five forces into practices (New England Patriots). To that end, the authors also do a good job at providing a brief history of how and why we've arrived at this "age of context." In particular, I enjoyed (and agreed with) Robert and Shel's explanation of why the battle for ownership of mobile maps is so critical for the future of both Google, Apple and to some degree, Facebook.

    Last but not least, I was fascinated to hear about the possibilities of sensor-based technology and wearable computing that companies like Pairasight, are making a reality. One of the examples the authors provided was the ability for a "Nashville expert [to] help a country doctor save a life. The 3D capability [of the technology] lets the consulting physician see far more than a simple X-ray could show: The expert can virtually see through the eyes of the local doctor wearing Pairasight during an operation." Not only is this stuff cool but it will help save lives!

    If there is one piece of constructive feedback I would give to Robert and Shel, it is that they over-index a little on their use of Google Glass as a focal point in the book. It's understandable given the impact and possibilities this seminal technology provides... but still, it is only one device.

    In summary, this was a quick and easy read and left me feeling smarter about a space that I already feel pretty smart about. While I was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary review copy (digital), I will be purchasing a copy of the book to keep in our work library. I highly recommend that you do so too.
  • Anderson Quinteros - helpfullthis is a very usefull book for searching information u need, spetially if u are an IMG doctor congrats and good luck!
  • blair321 "blair" - They work like a charm for meI bought one of these pots, having never heard of this before. I got it at Grocery Outlet for 19.99. I bought the big pot first, and loved it.
    So I went back and bought a fry pan for 14.99. I did not season it because I thought these were just normal cheap pans and I did not pay any attention to the written directions. I do cook with tiny amounts of butter and oil about half the time, so I just cooked like I normally do and I was shocked how well it worked. I cook lots of grilled cheese sandwiches, fried eggs, and sauteed veggies and nothing burnt or stuck. I could just wipe out the pan after. I have an electric grill top and I cooked on high, once again because I did not read the directions and it has worked fine. Now I cook a bit lower since it seems to work just as well on a lower heat. I love how these pans cook. I went back and bought extras for when these wear out, because I thought they were close out pans from a company I had never heard of. I had no idea until the cashier told me they are a "made for TV" product that they are online and on TV.
    I am really hard on pans. I use metal cooking wear, I use them in the dishwasher and I don't care. I use pans until the food starts sticking and then I throw them away. They don't look great, but I don't care. They usually still last me years.
    I am surprised and impressed with these pans.
    I just wipe them clean and I am trying to be a bit more gentle then usual, since they are so great and easy to clean and use. I have cooked all kinds of sticky foods like mushrooms and onions and even fried cheese with my fry pan and nothing has stuck at all or burned. It is pretty amazing to me. I have a supposed "quality, expensive" fry pan that burns everything unless you cook at low heat. It burns and smokes my butter almost every time and it way too hot. That is not happening at all with these pans.
    I am confused how half of us seem to have a wonderful time with them, and then other people say everything sticks to them.
    I cannot image how that is happening.I bought a full set of Calphalon Cookware for 600.00 when I first got married and they sucked so bad. Everything stuck to them, I hated them. That is when I started buying cheap to mid range pots and pans. These are the best non stick pans I have ever owned. I hope you get a good one if you buy it. I can only think maybe some batches are not right or something because I have 5 pans and they are all working amazingly.
  • Deadkings - VERY FRUSTRATEDThis is totally a scam -- at least half of my bananas curve towards the left, but this thing only slices right-curving bananas! Could you at least sell them by the pair so we can slice ALL our bananas? I kept ordering them, hoping I will receive a left-curving slicer but no luck. Now I've got 14 right-curving slicers and I'm very frustrated, I may no longer eat bananas in protest.

    In the end, it may be a time-saver in the kitchen, but then you end up spending twice as long at the grocery store picking out all the right-curving bananas. You end up wasting more time.
  • M. Rackouski "mracko" - Don't know why all the negative ratings.I have been a longtime Quicken user too, since the 90's. With all the negative ratings, I waited until the last minute to upgrade my 2010 Premiere to 2013. Like everyone else I didn't like being forced to upgrade, but seeing how this is my family's financial information, I don't mind it in general. So you have to upgrade every 3 years, that comes out to about $30/year. That is pretty cheap for the service you are getting.

    As for the upgrade process...not much to talk about here; It was quick, smooth and painless. My Quicken financial file was converted to the 2013 format without any problems. I did turn off my antivirus software and backed up my files, as per instructions, prior to the install. If I find anything different, as I use the program, I will be back to change my rating.