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  • Filby Finkle - It gets the lady's at the local retirement homeWell all I can say is that before this shirt I would go to the local retirement home and shoot my game. I would get shot down on a daily basis. There are countless times where I was chased out of there. One of the residents was their enforcer which was a large woman named Scab. Scab had a large scar across her throat, had two chins , smelled of old leather, and on the second chin had a goatee. You try out running an 85 year old woman named scab that is a retired rugby player. Anyways those days are behind me and since I got this shirt it has changed me and my game. When I walk into the retirement home I am always greeted as sir and I no longer need to use a fake name or climb through windows. I now have 4 girl friends Elenanor, Charlotte, Lucy ,and Stella. I will sit in a circle and they will now all feed me grapes by hand ( this is of course done after they have taken their daily medication). I actually made them make me knitted sweaters of this shirt and they have also made a crochet blanket made from spiders silk. The power of this shirt is outstanding and soon after the purchase of this shirt Scab died of a heroine overdose. When I heard the news I looked at the shirt and one of the wolves had a hypodermic needle in its mouth when I looked back it was gone. Was this a Coincidence? I think not. Buy this shirt!
  • Tech in TX "Digital Droid" - Only thing I have to say....NICE!I bought this last year after much research. The Prime has exceeded my expectations on every front. I have used several friends Ipads, played with some other Android tabs, but this one takes the cake. Extremely fast, bright screen, great build. ASUS has a newer version TF700t, but this one remains close on specs.

    I can sit in the backyard, watching streaming Netflix and see it just fine unless the screen is pointed directly at the bright sun. I have had no trouble with GPS as some have reported on this model. The true measure of this device is that it is still selling close to it's release price more than a year later as of this writing.

    If you like Android you cannot do any better than this tablet, except perhaps spending a bit more and buying the newest version. My friends all have Ipads at work, there are about 30 of them. Almost all of them that have touched it have asked to trade me.

    I have the keyboard dock and I've never run out of battery. I have surfed and emailed all day and still come home with plenty of juice to watch a movie or listen to music. Tip: Get an external USB or Bluetooth speaker for better sound. All tablets have tiny speakers and this one is no different. It is usable, but if you want to hear your music, you'll do best to get something with a bit more bulk.

    I find myself using my PC less and less.
  • Yvonne Jocks "also writing as Evelyn Vaughn" - Multiple Views!My favorite thing about these Avery Durable View Binders is that the view window is available on both the front AND the back of the binder, allowing the binder to present a completely different view depending on who is viewing it! While the binder has a solid spine, the inset of the spine can also be changed out regularly, to match the appropriate message for any appearance. And yet, behind these solid vinyl covers with their changeable views, the contents could include anyone... I mean, anything.
  • Russell Stone - Coulter Home RunI must admit to being an Ann Coulter reading fan. All of her books (the majority of which I've read over recent years) are right on point, but this one is an exceptional effort. She describes the Democrat lies and racist fabrications to a T. It's just too bad that the black community majority won't read it. At least, I doubt it.
  • Kathleen San Martino - Another excellent cookbook from America's Test Kitchen but be prepared to use the microwaveI have usually been extremely satisfied with America's Test Kitchen and Cooks Illustrated Cookbooks because of the effort they put into producing a recipe. They usually tell why a recipe works and explain a recipe in an easy-to-understand way.

    Slow Cooker Revolution Volume 2 is no exception. To me it is a great slow cooker recipe book that provides a little introduction, a slow cooker appliance overview at the beginning, and great recipes throughout the book.

    The pictures are inviting and in full color. I made the Garden Vegetable Tortellini Soup recipe and the end result looked like the picture in the book. My boyfriend and I thought the soup turned out delicious.

    This cookbook delivers by making recipes easy to prepare with flavorful ingredients. The preparation time is minimal (they say less than 15 minutes but for me it's about 20-25) and the recipe is cooked in 4-5 hours. This book takes shortcuts by making use of the microwave and prepared food such as canned beans or in rare instances instant tapioca or pre-cooked rice. For instance, instead of sautéing the aromatics and vegetables for my recipe, I had to microwave the onions, garlic, carrots, etc. for 5 minutes before putting it in the slow cooker. Since I'm not a microwave fan, I was disappointed in this at first but overcame my disappointment when I saw how fast and great the recipe came out. Of course, I prefer never to have to use a microwave and I suppose I could have taken the longer route. However, since I was reviewing this book, I decided to do exactly as the recipe asked.

    Not only is this cookbook full of great recipes and pictures, but it also has variety when it comes to what can be cooked in a slow cooker. For instance there are sections on:
    - easy appetizers
    - shortcut soups (the one I made was in this section)
    - hearty stews, curries, and chilis
    - easy chicken dinners
    - steaks, chops, ribs, and more
    - big roasts and whole birds
    - pasta and pasta sauces
    - casseroles
    - vegetarian dinners
    - cooking for two
    - easy sides
    - desserts

    Overall, I love this book which include the recipes, cooking and spice tips, and pictures. Although I'm not a fan of the microwave or ingredients such as pre-cooked rice or instant tapioca, I can overlook that if the recipe tastes as good as one made the hard way. This is another great book from American's Test Kitchen in my opinion.

    POSTSCRIPT: A person who does not like to use the microwave or needs to have a slow cooking time that is longer than 4-5 hours would not find this book useful to them. However, since I have hundreds of cookbooks and like variety and options in how long and what I cook this book is great for me. If I wanted a slow cooker cookbook to just make something while I go to work and have it done upon coming home, then I could not use the recipes in this book because of the short cooking time.