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  • Mike P - Your Black Friday FriendI have used this app for years on my iphone and iPad, now an avid Android user too. It is so important to keep an eye on all the deals that are coming over the holiday period. Check sites is always a challenge. I love how this app organizes the deals either by store or category so I can compare deals.

    This app allows me to plan my shopping and create a list so I can go out and get what I need without searching.

    This app saves me $s every year.
  • Dan - Attaining and Maintaining Optimal HealthFor those who are searching for ways to attain and maintain optimal health, this book is a must. It is based on solid evidence and clinical experience. In just seven days, the treatment got rid of a cancerous spot on my face. The treatment was simple, easy to implement and inexpensive. (The standard methods of surgery, radiation or toxic drugs were not needed.) If the potential of this approach was fully realized, there would be huge cost saving in our health care system and more satisfied customers in our society. I highly recommend it to everyone.
  • K. Schnee - Wonderful ProductWe bought this unit in an effort to cut down on our soda costs. It has done that and then some. I have had no problems obtaining soda syrups or CO2 cartridges. Kohls carries some of the syrups, as does Amazon, and you can get the CO2 cartridges from William Sonoma. We use this unit every day, at least two times a day. We really like the Pink Grapefruit, which tastes like Fresca. We have also found that you can use the Crystal Light packets that are intended for flavoring personal size bottles of water. If you use two packets per liter bottle, you get the same flavor strength that you would if you do it in a personal size bottle. I have to caution anyone trying this to do it VERY slowly, though - it will fizz up all over this place. However, fizzy pink lemonade and ice tea is wonderful!!!! We cannot say enough good things about this product. We are kitchen gadget nuts at our house, and this one tops every one we have for ease of use, functionality and all time favorite!!!! Worth the initial outlay for the unit!!!
  • Rebecca Pike - Nearly perfectThis product accomplished so many things for us:

    1. We ditched the giant, cumbersome highchair.
    2. Baby can't stand up -- or even attempt to -- in this, as her legs just dangle from the bottom.
    3. Baby sits at the table with us, not away.
    4. Less food dropped on the floor.
    5. Very easy to install. I wouldn't even call it "installing," you just have to clamp it onto the table. Super easy.

    The con:

    1. The buckles are a little difficult to operate. (Frankly, we just don't use them. I don't think she'll be able to get out of it, but we don't leave her in it unsupervised anyway.)

    All in all, I am very satisfied with this product and would recommend it, especially for those without much space.