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  • lkoehl - Great Mystery from Ted Dekker and Erin HealyKiss is the latest book by Ted Dekker. He co-wrote it with Erin Healy. Unlike Dekker's collaboration with Frank Peretti in House. I was not able to easily identify who wrote what. The writing was much more seamless.

    There is a good mystery surrounding Shauna. Why she can't remember is just as important as what she can't remember. Can she trust the man who says he loves her? What about the reporter that has gone into hiding? Will she ever gain the approval of her father? As she seeks the answers to these questions, she finds that she has developed a special kiss. She uses this ability to find out what happened. She doesn't always use it wisely either.

    I only had one problem with the story. I think it would have been better to have her father run for governor or senator instead of president of the USA. The security and media attention surrounding a presidential candidate and his family are intense. I think that many of the things that Shauna found out would have been discovered by the media or opposing party before her father would have gotten the nomination.

    I think that this is Ted Dekker's best stand-alone story. It reminds me of Blink which is on my all-time favorite list. I look forward to Dekker and Healy's next book, Burn, which is due out in January 2010.
  • Star - Constipation after taking Acai Berry CleanseIm 19 years old, and my bowel movement is regular, i started to take this acai pills since i want to lose weight after 2 weeks it really cleansed my stomach, i didn't feel bloated. After consuming the whole bottle i suffered from constipation 4 days from now. And i read on the internet that it has no side effects. I remember when i was taking this pills i didn't drink lots of water as indicated if taking acai pills, i wonder if this is the reason i'm suffering from constipation..
  • veggielady - Best Money Spent on Your Pet!My bull terrier is a slug, until he sees the opportunity to bolt! By the time I can grab my keys he is out of sight. In an urban area, the chances of him being stolen or hit by a car are very high. Bull terriers are often stolen and resold for their value or for dog fighting. The idea of having him hurt or crippled is equally as horrid.

    With Tagg the Pet Tracker, I can grab my keys and know exactly where he went! I also know exactly when he got out. If a meter reader leaves the gate open, then we know right away when our beloved boy gets out. It greatly shortens his dangerous adventure. When out of town, we have the peace of mind to know that our house sitter knows exactly when and where he is at all times.

    I have the option of receiving texts and emails on his status. We have our house sitter and a neighbor on the notifications. This keeps us all in the loop. Everyone I have shown this too loves this application. My vet has encouraged his "runner patients" to subscribe.

    Can't encourage everyone enough to invest in the safety and peace of mind of having Tagg the Pet Tracker.
  • Rodd Hall - Continuation Of A Great ProductI am a long-time user of Quicken for my personal - and sometimes business - financial tracking and planning needs. As a Beta tester of Quicken Premier 2012 I have worked with it for over two months and found it to be another in a long line of great software products. Even in Beta status it was rock solid, and by the end of the test Intuit had corrected even the very few problems found. There were not as many changes as usual with this version, but I found the new budgeting tools to be worth the upgrade from previous Quicken versions. And for the first time user trying to choose a personal financial software product, Quicken is a no-brainer. Over the years I've tried the competing software tools more than once, and have always come back to Quicken for its range of features and ease of use.
  • AE1967 "AE1967" - The real deal - Get this bookNot having a Kindle, I bought this book on the Kindle for PC version (as I needed it there and then and couldn't wait 2 days for delivery!). Now I must get the paperback as I really want to have this book to hand at all times.

    If you are like me and already have a ton of this stuff then I can tell you it is the real deal. (On the level of Bob Grant and Mimi Tanner for me).

    I am a divorced mother of 2 in my 40s and certainly this book will work for any age and any stage of the relationship.

    I am in a fairly new relationship but had detected a shift and a distance and was expecting to be told it was over between us. Following the strategies set out in this book I was able to handle the situation with complete grace. It turned out the issues were not about me at all. Without the guidance of this book, I can assure you they soon would have been as I would've likely freaked out and walked headlong into the situation I feared.

    This book is well written and written with integrity. It manages to be highly informative but cuts straight to the point. You don't have to read for days on end to know exactly what to do but it gives you just enough background psychology to understand why these strategies work - many of which have blown me away in their simplicity and effectiveness. There are also links to short video seminars and their content has provided some pure 'aha' moments.

    If you want to behave and be treated as a high value woman, if you want to know how to speak to a man in a way that he will tune into immediately (WITH the word for word scripts!) then get this book.

    If you already have a ton of books like these but feel you are missing something - get this book! It pulls together what you already know and tells you how to deliver it - right now.

    As I said, I have a ton of this stuff already so bought it with a little trepidation but figured at the price, it was not much to lose if it was a dud. I am SO glad I did!

    If you have no such other book - then this is the one!

    I cannot recommend it highly enough.