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  • George Poirier - Always a great publicationIt's much more than just a travel guide. You can learn so much about the variety of ways to get to Alaska as well as what you can see and experience on your trip. Plus you can learn about things to do and see once you get there. We are headed back there a 3rd time and can't imagine doing it without this book. Once you have the book, you can access a digital version either online or download a PDF.

    It provides excellent suggestions, recommendations and descriptions of things to do and see while headed to or visiting Alaska.
  • Nick M. - MMMMMM GoodI have a rare phobia of buying milk from stores. It's the damndest thing. The doctors don't even have a name for my disorder.

    Thank goodness for Tuscan Whole Milk. It's 128 fluid ounces UPS delivered joy. I'm eating Lucky Charms (R) right now.
  • Laura E. Bondarchuk - An absolute must readI heard Jess Walter talk about the writing of this book on NPR on my morning commute one day. I bought the kindle edition as soon as I got to work. The story is wonderful, characters drawn beautifully and the time switches work well. That's the clinical review. More importantly for me, the prose is at times exhilarating, at others heartbreaking in that really good way that makes you recall acute moments in life when your deepest sadness was at the same time somehow infused with your most profound joy. Mr. Walter talked about why it took him fifteen years to write this book; excuse my paraphrasing but he said that writer's block accuses the writer unfairly, and that it is actually the material itself that needs time to make itself known. This book was worth the wait. I also did something unprecedented for me: I re-read the last chapter moments after finishing the book because I simply had to take that last rush of a ride again right away. I will probably buy the print version to keep it with my other treasures. It's a must read!
  • Ty D. Curtis "AKA Tyronius" - Open box item FTW!I have wanted to get a external drive for a while to store movies on since I has filled up two laptops already and was having to delete older movies in order to download new ones. I received an email from amazon one day and there she was.The price, under $100 for a 3TB external hard drive. The Red Sea had just parted for me and with amazon prime it cost me nothing to have it shipped.
    The box it came in was just a box since this was an amazon warehouse deal and the og box was damaged. I have had zero issues with it so far . In closing I would recommend checking out the warehouse deals for this drive.
  • K. Spina - Excellent cap for the costI took up swimming two months ago. This cap has been worn in the pool every day for at least 45 minutes per day. It goes on easily and keeps my shoulder length hair in place. Once on I don't even feel it. My hair does get wet around the edges but I do not expect anything different, considering the amount of active swimming I am doing. It stays in place. No sign of it wearing out any time soon. I take care to rinse it in the sink and air dry it when I'm done each day. When I put it on I am careful to not poke it with my engagement ring or my nails. If I need another at some point I will buy this kind again.