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  • Random Reviewer - Best Rock Opera EverThis is just absolutely so creative, especially in context of the live show (which came first).Unfortunately, a lot of it will indeed be "boring" to some, because there are many instrumental parts. Pink Floyd music is very "visual," meaning it all basically has to be listened to as a film score. The listener has to be able to visualize settings, plot, camera movement, editing, etc. One must have a very creative mind to fully enjoy the impact of something like this. (The actual movie cannot do it justice of course.)The concept remains just vague enough that it can be personalized for each listener, and not over-explained which could be cheesy. The album knows when to reduce the concept to something simple like the actual wall, and when to expand into more complicated areas. The whole structure is interesting in the way the "plot" isn't linear, but jumps back and forth from the future to the past and to the present, as well as to apparent pseudo presents/pasts/futures.The closest thing I can think of to this album is The Who's "Quadrophenia" (another brilliant rock opera which "Wall" fans would probably love), though the concept doesn't get developed quite as much as it does here. The Wall will probably never be matched.
  • Raye Linguica - These pens saved me thousands on my gender reassignment surgery!This product has saved me thousands of dollars worth of hormones and surgery! I started my gender reassignment surgery 4 years ago (male to female). I underwent three surgeries and spent thousands on medications and hormones. I was told I will never be a 'fully functioning' female. Well, I had a good friend of mine recommend this product as part of the transition and within a week of writing with these sleek little cuties I started to really 'blossom' up top. Two weeks later I was able to stop the hormones and cancel my final planned surgery. The estimate for the gender reassignment was $23,500, but I only had to spend $19,440 ( plus $7.49 for the pens).
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