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  • Regina - Great roof racks!I decided to order roof racks online for my 2009 Honda CRV after i found out it would cost around $350-$400 at my local dealer. When they first came in i was surprised at how light they were but after the quick self installation they seemed very sturdy. We used to roof racks driving highway at an average 70 mph for about 6 hours with 3 duffle bags, 2 tents and 3 sleeping bags tied down with bungie cords. nothing ever came loose or looked as if it would fly off.

    Over all great product with easy installation (check out the installation youtube video.) Certainly worth my $100 bucks!
  • effected - All except the packagingAfter suffering from a chronic issue I am thrilled to find a product that works so well. However I would love to get my hands on the person who designed the packaging. If I want to organize my pills in advance I have to cut down the size of the foil around each pill in order for it to fit the organizer. It is not recommended that you open the packages in advance. This brings up another issue. You can't push the capsules through the foil without breaking the capsule so you have to use scizzors twice, once to cut down the packaging and once each day to open the individual capsule pocket. The packaging is too big. Maybe that's why they cost so much.
  • J. Kaye Oldner "Judith" - Christian ThrillerKISS is the second book I've read where Ted Dekker co-authored. The first, THE HOUSE, was more of a horror, where as this one was a thriller. This book ranks a five out of five for one reason. I began reading KISS at 8:30 PM and didn't stop until I was done. I promised myself I'd never stay up late to finish a book, but couldn't put it down. There were no dry spots for me in the story. No place for me to pause. When each chapter ended, I wanted to know more. I had to know more.

    The prologue opens with Shauna McAllister and brother, Rudy, in Dr. Ayers's office. She is planning to confront her father who is a Senator running for the presidency. After the confrontation, both are in an auto accident. When she awakes from a coma, she has no memory of the past six months. Drugs were found in her car and in her apartment, plus brother has suffered brain damage.

    The ground work has been laid out for her to start over, but she can't let the past go. There are too many unanswered questions and she wants to make things right again. What she doesn't understand is that if she remembers, she's dead.

    Dekker has the gift of writing with such intensity. The genre is listed under Christian suspense, but the message of God doesn't weight down the story.
  • Marcus T. Brody - God led me to this book after nearly 4 years of suffering..What can I say about this book, and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet? Can words describe how wonderful this book is for anyone suffering with the most debilitating chronic disease known to man?Imagine having trouble breathing, feeling bloated, exhausted, having dark circles under your eyes, a swollen/tender liver, jaundice, severe weight loss, being a manic depressive, and having nearly every known allergy imaginable. I've suffered with all of those symptoms, just from having Crohn's Disease. A horrible inflammatory condition of the bowels. Most people can't imagine how debilitating it is. I couldn't work, couldn't keep in touch with friends, couldn't handle relationships, stress, or even doing simple tasks. All of this from a damaged intestine? YES.. we learn all about how this happens in this book.This book will take you on a journey and teach you about a diseased intestinal tract better than I ever thought could be put into words. The diet is easy to follow, and makes all the sense in the world. I noticed a feeling of well-being on the first day of being on the diet. It's a true God-send for anyone suffering from the ills of an intestinal disorder. In fact, I think this kind of diet is what everyone in the world needs to be on. What an exceptional book.. thank you to all the contributors, and the fine people who keep up the SCDiet sites! You have changed my life for the better, and I actually feel normal for the first time since 1997.