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  • Shane Decker - Tough at first - well worth itOK. I've been taking this product once a day for a month and a half. I'm a 28 year old male. I've gone through 1 and a quarter tubs in that time.

    Here's how you take this product in order to enjoy it!

    1 scoop per drink. Do NOT do 2 scoops in one.
    Mix it with a juice combination. I use Orange/Pineapple juice. You can't taste the powder at all!
    Do NOT mix it with chocolate milk. I did that at first and I almost threw up. JUICES ONLY.

    Since I've taken it I have not lost weight but everything fits better!! I look thinner. I feel great. Lots of energy! I use to have dry skin but not anymore!

    For the best shaker you need to purchase The Original SmartShake! Look it up on Amazon it's about $12. No leaks at all.
  • Clayster - excellent productThis is my first apple product and am quite impressed. It's fast, light, thin, and connects easily to wifi. Perfect size for the kindle app as well, works better than most e-readers for reading purposes. The screen is actually much larger than the 7" tablets with the standard aspect ration, and has a nice width to it. The width to height ratio is more toward the width side of things than most tablets, which I strongly prefer and it means bigger text with news articles and less scrolling. The resolution isn't great but it's fine because of the small screen.
  • Victoria Sherbin - It's actually a really great game.When it first came out there were issues with the servers, I understand that. I played on one play for the first two weeks of the game while they got everything straightened out.
    Things are working great now and I can play with my friends.

    It's a great upgrade from the original Sim City and it sucks you in. I played over 40 hours the first week I had it.

    Love the series and the game. Great Job guys!
  • Joy li "Joy" - worked the very first timeI just got it at the checkout place of Michaels. I soaked my feet for a little while, because that's what they do at the spa pedi place, so I think it helps to soften the skin first. The rotating speed is very fast and I only need the low speed. You should only apply a very gentle pressure to the point where it does not affect the rotating then it will do the job. There is no need to press on it at all which will stop the motor. The result is immediate, as my heels are so soft and you can see all the tiny pieces it shred off. I recommend you do this over the bath tub so you dont have to clean up all the tiny pieces afterwards. Otherwise, it will be scattered around, mostly on your lap. I dont see the need to use it often, maybe once a week is good enough.