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  • Samuel Ruddick - Consistently SmarterI have been reading the O. Henry Prize anthologies since about 2003, and have found that the selections are consistently smarter, more sophisticated, and more human than the work I see in other anthologies. If you want to get a feel for the best short fiction that's being published in the U.S. and Canada today, this is the book to buy.
  • Christian M - Clear, Concise, but not ComprehensiveFirst, compared to my classmate's 2011 First Aid, the 2012 version is a clear improvement. Color images are an absolute must for histology, pathology, etc.

    This is a book that is a complete overview of the most important concepts that one should learn in medical school. The breadth is great, but it does not contain EVERYTHING, just everything the authors deem to be most important. And they do a pretty darn good job.

    Only thing missing in First Aid are review questions, but there are hundreds of resources for those, and First Aid even guides you to them with their resource grades.

    Bottom line: You can't beat a resource like this for $30. There is a reason why this is probably the most popular review book at my school.
  • Love_goddess - Terrific bookThis is such a brilliant book. Matthew Hussey offers insightful information and timeless insights that women can use to uncover the secrets of the male mind. It is like having a black cocktail dress, you must have one. It never goes out of fashion and will be one of your treasured pieces.

    This book is a must read for women looking for and wanting to keep lasting love.

    Fabulous work Matthew. Thank you