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  • Mrs Nelson - Great program, user friendly, super for small business and a dream for Accountants!I have used QBooks for many years. I prefer to buy the new version at least 6 months after it is released because there are always bugs to work out. It's a great program, user friendly and very easy for an Accountant. I run a small business and have over 25 clients on the program. The 2013 version has some good improvements.
  • TO - Healing Psoriasis: The Natural AlternativeI am living proof "The Natural Alternative" WORKS!!! It takes hard work, determination, consistency, patience and faith. It also doesn't hurt to have the best doctor and friend Dr John O.A. Pagano he's my savior.
    I am the "T.O." in the book and yes at the age of 36 I still have psoriasis but I control it! With a lifestyle change of diet is the key. Still I have bouts but that is due to my own, going "amuck with my diet" and you may soon see a spot or a patch, I know I need to stay truly regimented. Why not, is healthy and my skin and my body and my weight is the best ever!!!!!! Just do it, your body will thank you. Don't fret, in order to eliminate all the toxins from your body you may become worse (a flare up) but its just all getting out of your system. Thank you Dr. Pagano, my hero. T.O.