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  • David L. Clark "daveclark1955" - This is the "BEST" book for shortwave listeners.I have been buying this book since 1954. It just keeps getting better every year. I wish that you would also offer the CD Guide for this book also. It is called "WRTH BARGRAPH FREQUENCY GUIDE 2012". You order it through the ad in the book. It is a must have for all shortwave listeners.
  • Andre Pau - Samsung Tab 10"Hi bought this Tablet for my partner so she could keep up with modern trends and apps
    well pleased we do everything on it now including the monthly shop /top-up.
    Its such a handy device and has all the speed and portability of a laptop but a 1/4 of the weight.
    Touch screen takes some time to get used to but works well once you use it a bit more and become familiar.
    Ideal device and would recommend to all work or play 10" is much better than its smaller 7" and ideal for more mature users. Would rate a good 9 out of 10
  • LeahD - Greatest Step in Reading Evolution since Gutenberg!Several months ago I purchased a reconditioned Kindle (1st Gen.) after becoming aware of the device through Amazon. This was the first time I had ever heard of the Kindle, and I was amazed at what the little box seemed to be able to do. After suffering from diminishing vision beginning in 2001, it's been increasingly difficult for me to pursue my favorite hobby -- reading. It can take me weeks to complete even the most engrossing mystery yarn due to eye fatigue, where before I could devour books in one sitting. Sometimes I got to the point where I just got so frustrated I didn't even finish a book -- formerly a no-no for me. Well, Kindle has changed all that. The format is soooo easy to read, easy on the eyes, and the font size is adjustable for comfort. An added plus is that you can carry an entire bag full of reading with you on vacation, stuffed into one convenient little package. Amazon makes it a snap to sample books by your favorite authors, then purchase them instantly thru Whispernet at a very reasonable cost (less than paperback prices these days). Operation of the Kindle is easy even for me. I can't say enough good about it, really. Subsequent to my initial purchase, I've bought a neophrene sleeve for it (Ross Michaels) b/c the envelope/case which comes with the Kindle is clumsy to use while reading and does not hold it in well (might as well do without it and just use something to protect it while it's in your purse or carry bag). I also bought an extra electrical adapter to keep at work in case the battery goes down at an inconvenient moment in your reading or downloading. The only negative issue I have about the Kindle in general is that I wish Amazon would just slow down in introducing newer and newer models to the market. I realize Amazon needs to see as much profit from the enormous development costs behind the Kindle plus keep the consumer's interest piqued with fancier electronic toys -- sometimes "less is more." The 1st Gen. is fine for me and will be for a long time. But, all in all, THANK YOU, AMAZON, for giving me back one of life's great pleasures!
  • clothdiapermama - Fell in love with this as soon as I pulled it out of the box!Just received this chair tonight and we love it already. It was so easy to attach to our table. I couldn't believe how simple it is. And it is very sturdy!!! We bought this to replace our high glad to have our son sitting at the table with us! My favorite feature so far is that the buckle is covered so that you won't have to worry about mashed up food getting stuck in the latch system.
  • Bruno Castello da Costa - A gift to my mom which i am waiting to readI gave this book to my mom, but i can't wait to read it myself.
    I read the first 50 pages or so, and it seemed as its content is worth being read.
    If i'm right, i sure recommend this book, as I admire MJ as an ultimate reference onstage with a lot of quite strong qualities i know i should work on in order to become a better person.
    Sorry for not being able to provide you with a more in-depth review.