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Country: Europe, BE, Belgium

City: Brussels, Brussels Capital

  • Panagiotis - Amazing Digital Camera!This is an excellent camera!
    Firstly, it captures really beautiful photos!
    It has plenty of settings that allow you to adjust whatever you want. Yet, it takes nice photos even with minimal adjuments.

    The menu is so rich but easy to comprehend and navigate to.
    The camera's and lens' sizes are smaller than DSLR counterparts and this is really welcomed! Nevertheless, its size and grip are lovely for the amateur or the enthusiast photographer.

    The package comes at really attractive prices now that G6 is out in the market. And you do not miss much compared to that.
    I also added an Olympus 45mm 1.8 lens which is so small in size but takes so beautiful night or background-blurred photographs.

    Highly recommended camera for all types of photographers!
  • Stacey Robertson - A Jolt into RealityThis is a thorough, fascinating history of SWAT and the drug war. I had been reading a lot about the militarization of law enforcement in our cities and towns by DHS, but this book illustrates current conditions in fully sourced detail and in-your-face terms. It is easy to read and difficult to put down if you are interested in this subject matter. It uncovered a multitude of stones and left me with am understanding of the depth of the problem, a curiosity and concern for the status of law enforcement in my home town, and a desire to get involved in rectifying this trend. This book is not an attack on law enforcement, nor is it political propaganda. It is a presentation of the evolution of policies that have incentivized both law enforcement and the public to seek and applaud the militarization of our police, loaded with facts, examples, and references. I highly recommend this book to admirers of the television series "24" and its hero, Jack Bauer. I thoroughly enjoyed that series from start to finish, never once faulting Jack for his methods of saving the day. That's the beauty of television. This is real life. Freedom loving Americans need to read this book.
  • Nan-a - Excellent readEven knowing how the story ends (with Anne Boleyn losing her head) I couldn't put this book down. It was a much easier read than "Wolf Hall", but I'm glad I read that one first, to feel comfortable with Hilary Mantel's writing style. I would recommend these books to anyone who loves quality historical fiction.
  • W. Calvin Morris "Doc Morris" - Very useful materialDavid Werner has assembled a wonderful primer for anyone rendering care in the third world. There is useful information for everyone from lay people to MDs, well worth the time it takes to read the book. I especially like the succinct treatment plans with common and inexpensive medications. Treating patients in the third world without a laboratory, X-ray, or other modern tools takes a different mindset that WHERE THERE IS NO DOCTOR puts into perspective.

    Strongly recommended. I'm taking a copy back to the mountains of Panama with me next week.