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  • J. A. Bell "she reads xyz" - Twenty Attention GrabbersSmartly written, sharply edited mystery stories replete with characters and situations where the rigors of life are mighty, usually involving murder, mayhem and money -- but not always.

    I had a good time getting lost for an hour or two at a time and then turning to the "Contributors' Notes" section at the back to find out each author's motivation.

    Also of interest is Lisa Scottoline's comparison of two of these stories in her introduction -- "The Indian," and "The Sailor in the Picture." I found something to like about each of the 20, but Scottoline zeroed in on one of my favorites in her comparison. "The Sailor in the Picture," provides everything I like in a mystery story: twists and turns, chance, human understanding, justice, an unexpected ending.
  • Byjou881 - Try this product!I have suffered from acne ever since I was 10 and am now 31. I have used everything from prescription medication to Proactiv to drug store brands. After seven years of using Proactiv the stuff just stopped working and I was getting those red under the skin pimples that take forever to go away and hurt like crazy. I was getting acne all on my jaw line and chin (thanks hormones!) and was so embarrassed that I didn't want to be out in public. I have very fair skin and every pimple I've gotten seems to leave a scar. I went to a dermatologist but the face wash and treatment was so strong my skin burned and never got better. My problem is that I have dry skin with acne and not oily skin like many people with acne have. I came across the website and decided to try it, even though I told myself not to get my hopes up because everything else I had tried up to that point hadn't worked. It has only been a week and already I am seeing great results. No new pimples have appeared so far and my skin seems brighter. Since I have dry skin, I have only been using the treatment in the evening but do wash and moisturize my face twice a day with the products. The only complaint I do have is that my face has been itchy since using these products but I was sort of expecting this and it is slowly getting better. I just ordered the AHA treatment and hope that will help with the flakiness and scarring. I will take itchy but clear skin over painful pimples any day. I do plan on writing an update review in a couple months. Everyone is going to have a different experience but based on mine so far, I would recommend this product.
  • J. Calhoun - No-hassle protectionProduct seems to be doing the job. I was using MS Security Essentials ($free) for some time until I discovered I was getting what I paid for. Reviews said Norton was a top performer for protection. I had tried Kaspersky previously, and although the protection was great, I got tired of a few annoyances which never got cleaned up.

    Norton was easy to install. Easy to use. Easy to interact with. Symantec maintains the license online (3 were included with the purchase). I have used 2 so far. I don't know what they do if you uninstall it from a computer in order to install it on a different one - whether you get the license back to use again or just lose it.