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  • G. Cox "Shanghaied" - Same General Style as TurboTax. Easy to Understand.The overall style is fill in the blanks in a progressive manner. It is divided up into five general sections:

    Health Care Directive (Living Will & Power of Attorney
    Durable Power of Attorney for Finances
    Final Arrangements
    Information for Caregivers and Survivors

    At the end of the first section (Will), it offers to do a search for local attorneys to review your will. I live near Houston and there was only one estate planning attorney on their list. It asks you to fill out a few basic questions and asks for the size of the estate. And then it emails your request for review to the attorney. I haven't gotten past this step. I can probably expect to be requested to make an appointment with the attorney for some unknown cost.

    This fill in the blanks style of generating a will seems too simple. I seriously doubt that it is sufficient to hold up in court. So even though this software is inexpensive, I think the greater cost will be follow-up with an estate attorney of their choosing. I'm sure Nolo gets a kick-back referral fee from the attorney they recommend.

    My personal opinion is that the will should be coupled with a prenuptial agreement or a post nuptial agreement for best overall protection. That is my plan for the time being.

    You have to start somewhere and this software is certainly a great way to make you think of most possibilities and general situations. If you have a very complex estate and family, you probably need an estate lawyer.
  • T. Sibley "Tsibs7" - Best Tablet Currently AvailableOk, so I've been in the tablet market for the last 3 months and I finally was able to get my hands on this product. Trust me when I say it wasn't easy but it was worth the trouble. This tablet is by far the most advanced and fastest tablet on the market (IOS or Android). That doesn't mean it's perfect because no tech product is. Those out there looking for a device that never has bugs or issues might as well stop now because you'll never find something to your liking. What I can say is that ASUS did a fine job with putting this together. I won't touch on every aspect of the Transformer Prime but here are some highlights:

    Screen- This screen is bright and beautiful. You can set the Super IPS display if you're outdoors but otherwise, the regular brightness is perfectly fine. The resolution is the same as most 10.1 inch tablets and is crisp and clear.

    Speed- This tablet has a Tegra 3 quad-core processor and it is blazing. You can multi-task to your hearts delight and it won't skip a beat. It opens applications faster than any phone or tablet I can think of. The encouraging news is that they are still really developing apps for the Tegra 3 so when that becomes more relevant this thing will be even better. Scrolling and touch sensitivity is "buttery" smooth with no lag whatsoever.

    Build- This is a very aesthetically pleasing device. What I mean is that it is an eye-catcher. Brushed aluminum backing and super thin, it looks fantastic. It's light and the weight balance is perfect when holding with one hand or two. Gorilla glass screen means that you won't have to worry about scratches. Those out there that complain about fingerprints need to realize that this is the case for 99% of tablets out there. (HINT: use the microfiber cloth that comes with it)

    Storage and Connectivity- One of the biggest selling points was the storage space. 32gb of onboard memory PLUS it has a micro-sd card slot for expansion. This thing can become an entertainment powerhouse. It has a micro-hdmi out so you can connect to TVs or projectors. This means you can watch Netflix and other movies on a bigger screen if you'd prefer. You won't have to buy a proprietary cables just to connect. Of course, the big sell is the laptop dock accessory. I personally don't need it but its a great option if you want a netbook like experience. Oh yeah, you can also use PS3 or USB gaming controllers with this to play games!

    Battery Life- So I haven't done an "official" battery test but in my usage so far I easily get a couple days out of this tablet. It obviously depends on what the settings are (i.e. screen brightness, power mode) but trust me when I say that if you go on a long trip with this thing you'll be good to go with juice to spare.

    Ice Cream Sandwich- This may not matter in a month or two but it is currently one of a select few devices that has the latest operating system of Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. I won't get into all the details of what ICS is but I can say that it is user friendly and has loads of potential.

    Side notes:
    Ok, so a lot of people may have heard about certain users having issues with WIFI and/or GPS. On my end, I haven't had a single issue with WIFI. The signal is always strong even at a good distance away from the router. I think this just may be an isolated issue with some of the devices. I don't think this is indicative of all the tablets. I haven't used the GPS much but I can guess that the all-aluminum backing has something to do with the issues its having catching signals from satellites. Honestly though, it's ridiculous to use this as a standalone GPS device.

    As a heads-up, this tablet is currently (as of 2/21) extremely hard to come by. It is sold out at most, if not all retailers. I'm sure ASUS will eventually be able to keep up with demand but be warned that you may not be able to get one for a while. This obviously is a result of the shortsightedness of ASUS and should bear no negative reflection on the tablet itself.

    The Verdict:
    So is this worth $499.99 of your hard earned money? If you're looking for the best tablet available then the answer is a definitive YES. It's certainly worth more for your money than ANY tablet at and around its price.
  • J Reinhart - Feature rich, portable and versatile!Simply put, this is truly a great camera. I have been following Fujifilm's progress in the HS series since the HS10 and they have constantly improved upon the previous models. Sure, some things have changed, some maybe not for the better (people have mentioned a sturdier battery/memory card compartment door in previous models, and the arrangement of the buttons is different), but really, if you take care of your device, nothing's going to break. I find the build of good quality, even if it's a plastic case. It does not feel cheap.

    The main improvement is the lens and the now easily accessible manual focus ring. If you had an HS series camera before, you will feel at home with the setup. I find all the controls are easily reachable, the menu structure is clear; the (Q)uick access button is very handy and allows you to adjust every major setting - that allows to be adjustable in the chosen mode - very fast. Although I generally avoid automatic modes on cameras, the EXR Auto mode is definitely worth a shot. I managed to take a picture of a lady bug, which had strategically placed itself in a thorn bush's most inaccessible part, in that camera mode, where (semi-)manual settings did not cut it.

    The image quality is very good for a (technically) point-and-shoot camera, and a lot of times the images reach DSLR quality even without postwork. Make no mistake though, this is NOT a DSLR. If you expect the same quality of this camera, you will be disappointed, and reviews along those lines can be disregarded. The exposure time is limited to a maximum of 30 seconds (or less, depending on the chosen mode), there is no adjustable DOF and the f-stop goes to a maximum of f11.

    On the bright side, you are getting a highly portable, well-built device with a huge range and plenty of nice modes and features. As part of your purchase you definitely want a UV filter and polarizer (58mm), additional batteries and I definitely recommend a tripod and remote shutter (, because this camera does take great night shots, too. The zoom range even allows for stunning images of Earth's moon!

    I found that the camera takes better pictures if you do not zoom right the way into the 1000mm (42x). It also doesn't handle twilight overly well, but I'm sure I'll eventually find a good setting for that, too. It does excel at daylight shots and at night (with Tripod preferably). The up to 16fps (11 at full resolution) are marvelous and it really does portrait pictures very well using the (Adv)anced mode's portrait setting. Absolutely incredible from my perspective, especially at round 80mm focal length.

    Problems other people had with a focusing issue I did not experience. If you use the little dial to the left of the camera body to set the correct focusing mode ((S)ingle, (C)ontinuous or (M)anual), then you will get clear, sharp pictures without a problem. Tests have shown that the camera focuses in under 0.2 seconds and I definitely concur. I haven't timed it, but it's fast! My wife takes a lot of reference photos for her charcoal paintings and especially when taking photos of musicians playing guitar, the 11 fps really start to shine, especially in dimly lit rooms!

    The only hiccup I had was that I found a rather large piece of dust/fluff inside my lens after I ordered it (my wife's camera was fine -- we had ordered two) which happened most likely during the manufacturing process. Within 36 hours I had a replacement from Amazon (RMA'd Sunday evening, replacement arrived Tuesday by noon). No issues since.

    I gladly and happily recommend this camera to hobbyists and professionals alike, especially if you enjoy nature photography, portrait photography and enjoy close-ups as much as taking ranged photos. This is a camera that will get as close to a DSLR as you can imagine without the need to change the lens or having to carry a lot of weight!
  • E. FitzPatrick "avid reader" - Indispensable!Leonard Maltin's guides for movie lovers are wonderful. I order a new one every few years, so that I have the latest reviews. This one covers 2011 pretty well, and goes back to classic and not so classic movies. It really helps me make up my mind when I am choosing between films or renting.