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  • Shadowhelm "skywarrior" - Excellent product, again!I'm looking to take my GREs and while I said this in an earlier edition, this one is very useful. There have been changes to the GREs, whihc means that having this book and the tests are imperative if you're going to score well. They also give you the tricks used in the GRE to mess you up, so you can watch for them and get higher scores. Nice. I recommend this book highly.
  • Pretty Mom - Helps regulate and lose weightThe label must have been changed, on the bottle of mine, it only says to take 4 capsules twice a day. I decided to take these because I have never been regular. I would "go" every 2 or 3 days, mostly 3 days. I thought I needed a good colon cleansing and take more fiber which was why I bought this. It really, really worked great, it made me go regularly and surprisingly lost 3-4 lbs. from this and the pounds actually stayed off. I guess that might have been my body getting cleaned out. My only problem with it is after I took 80 pills (8 a day for a maximum of 10 days) I went right back to being irregular and going every 3-4 days now. The bottle says to cleanse your colon only every 2 months but sometimes I really need to take these just to go. So now, even if I've already taken the maximum of 80 pills, sometimes I take 4 pills especially if my body is on day three of not eliminating.
  • Richard Smith - The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher CreativityI heard about this book a few months ago and was very sceptical at first. As more and more people around me started with it, I became curious and bought myself a copy. It was the best decision I have ever made! I am in week eleven and I can safely say that this book has changed my life, completely. It has taken the South African performing arts scene by storm and everyone I know who has read or is busy reading The Artist's Way feels the same way I do! Apart from the fact the the book contains so many truths, what makes this book such a pleasure to read is that it is so well written. If you are in doubt and you need just that little bit of encouragement, if you know deep down inside that there is an artist in you, that feels neglected or that you haven't yet discovered, take the plunge and start a wonderful journey! If you are a lawyer, accountant or a mother taking care of your family at home, don't be discouraged or misled by the book's title, it is for you too!Thank you Julia Cameron!
  • Lisa S. "lisamstarwars" - Hilarious!This book had me laughing out loud for almost the entire book! There's advice on everything from what to do with pantiliners (I'm laughing even now) to 10 things to do with your boss's business card. (I just got laid off, so the latter was of particular interest to me). Of course, if you actually DO some of these things, you need your head examined. This book is great fun for any woman with common sense & who needs a laugh.