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  • Lady Wesley - Elizabeth Hoyt's geniusElizabeth Hoyt is a genius. Having disclosed the Ghost of St. Giles's identity in Scandalous Desires, she now shows him settling down and planning to marry. Is that the end of the ghost? Heck, no. There are two other gentlemen out there running around St. Giles in harlequin attire chasing bad guys. So, the series survives the big reveal.

    I'm late to this party, so I'll spare you a rehash of the plot. Suffice it to say that Winter Makepeace is a hero like none other. We've come to know him as the staid, dour schoolmaster who runs an orphanage, but Isabelle brings out the beast in him. Literally, that's what he calls it. And Isabelle is a charming heroine, shocked to find herself falling for a man like Winter.

    There are several very touching secondary stories -- Isabelle's relationship with her late husband's five-year-old illegitimate son, orphan John Tinbox's loving care for a mute waif named Peach, and Winter's mixture of grief and joy as young John goes off to sea.

    Naturally, there are villains, but I must say that the villainy in this book seemed rather small-scale compared to the earlier stories. Oh well, it's a fun, touching, romantic tale, beautifully told. In other words, just what we've come to expect from Elizabeth Hoyt.