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  • Grace L - Inspiring, Frank and WittyWhen I finished reading the whole book, Ping Fu became a 3D character to me.
    Grew up at the same period of time in China, with similar family background with the author, I can relate to the author easily. Ping Fu's earlier personal experiences reminded me of the tragedies from my neighbors, my family and my relatives. But my family chose to keep our further dramatic family history within ourselves. The author is quite brave to share all her life experiences, high or low. The book demonstrated that people can learn and grow stronger from the hardships of both business and personal life. I am proud of my fellow Chinese business women, like Ping Fu, who are open minded, willing to learn new knowledge and being successful in the fierce competitive technology field.
    Indeed, the book is very inspiring, frank and witty for personal growth and building a successful business. A five-star and a must read book!
  • Matthew Borg - for wife's usewife suffers slight dementia which can lead to a perception of her not feeling hungry,
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