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  • L. Felts "True Tarheel" - Love this product!I've had cold sores all my life and tried all kinds of medicines, even prescription. I received a free sample of this in the mail to try. I had not tried this before simply because I didn't believe a medicine could cure my cold sore with just one application. Unlike Abreva, this medicine doesn't dry your sore out or need constant reapplication. Although it's a bit pricey, when you consider the fact your cold sore will be gone most likely by the next day, it's money we'll spent. Orajel, you've got me hooked.
  • P "P" - This is required reading for anyone who wants genuinequality of life and medical care.This book has really been a turning point in my own health trials and trevails and I applaud Dr. Crook and his confederates for persisting despite the typical reaction of the public in rejecting that which is not add water and mix. And yet, this is as simple as that in many ways.I also enjoyed Proof Positive and really think that if Dr. Nedley could explore the yeast connection he would really have a very well rounded book because Dr. Crook has not ignored the very real and pervasive danger of chemicals and their deleterious effect on us humans and it's correlation to yeast problems.Highly recommended reading for the intelligent and open minded.