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  • vanessia dalton - AMAZING!!!We have been taking the food grade hydrogen Peroxide for a little over a week and it amazes us more everyday. My friend who is ONLY 37 who has severe arthritis has been following exactly from the book she was even unable to open up her own screw top pop bottle and was taking 8+ pain pills per day and was still in a lot of pain specially when it changed weather here or rained. She has been pain free and MED free for going on 2 weeks. She can open up her own pop and can almost make a fist something she has been unable to do in she does not remember how many years. For me and my husband it seems like we seem "fuller" (we all do) and sleep amazingly very deeply. We have an energy that we can not really explain and for me this is the clearest my mind has been in a long time. I have not been taking it according to the book I have only took it once daily. I have lost several pounds I am sure due to the feeling of being full. My husband has barrettes esophagus and there is a small chance of turning into cancer for the 1st 4 days he was with out any of his meds and was fine he still will take them till he feels as tho it's healed. I do not that I know of have any medical conditions, but come from a line of cancer and other issues the food grade hydrogen peroxide can heal...... so far like I said it's totally amazing I had it here for several weeks since I was unable to find a dropper at my local stores I really wish I would of started to take it from day one!! I read all over the net now the advantages of this amazing, but quick healing opportunity. I typed in "Miracle" in Amazon and this pulled up and I can honestly say it has been a miracle soo far and I am sure there will only be MORE to come. I do not however like the taste to me its something you have to get use to me its like you have counted a lot of change and accidently licked your fingers afterwards, but as the book says just have a piece of sugarless gum ready to chew and the couple seconds the taste is there really is nothing compared to the major health bennifits! I have offered to lend this book to soo many, but most are just happy complaining they are SICK and meanwhile my family and I are becoming more healthy each day
  • R. Ford "Rowina" - Hungry ? Not anymoreMy doctor received an email from Dr. Oz about Garcinia Cambogia and she told me to look up the product. I'm obese and I got too scared to have gastric surgery; so I'm trying again to lose weight. You know how many products say it will curb appetite and you'll lose weight. Well so far I can say I'm not hungry, the appetite suppression does work and I lost 6 pounds without trying...meaning I didn't exercise and I was still eating poorly. I thought imagine if I TRIED, meaning I'm combining this with a protein packed green smoothies for breakfast and exercise. I tend to forget to drink now at night, which isn't good but I'm working on it. Another benefit is better sleep due to the serotonin being released and I didn't realize it for a week, but NO waking up at 3:00 AM!! I've been waking up face down, wrapped around my pillow at 5:45 am !! Dr. Oz hasn't endorsed any brand but he said to look for 50% HCA, no binders or fillers and it needs two nutrients to help absorption. Nutrigold formula is 60% HCA and its working for me.
  • T. Reyes - Great purchase!!!!I absolutely LOVE this product. Everything I place in the blending cup gets thoroughly blended quickly, including frozen fruit. All seeds, dried berries, and nuts are completely broken down, and all skins and fibers blend up nicely. My kids beg for me to make them more drinks, little do they know, they are packed full of spinach and kale! HIGHLY recommended if you're looking to retain full nutrient value of the produce you want to incorporate into your diet. Easy to use, easy to clean.
  • Michael "suplex2000" - "The" cure for PsoriasisIn Dr. Pagano's book he mentions drinking a specific type of tea: "American Yellow Saffron Tea". GET IT! I have had Psoriasis on my scalp for a few years, and sometimes it gets to the point where it is beet red. I have been following the diet in Pagano's book for about a month, but only in the last week have I been drinking the tea and the Psoriasis on my scalp is all but cured. I can wait to see what the next few weeks will bring.
  • susanmasriya - good for underarmsi started using the tria laser over my whole body but it got way too time consuming so that i decided to just do small areas that bothered me. the underarm hair bothers me the most because even when i shave you can still see the black roots and it looks very unattractive. so i started using the tria on my armpits. . . after a few times i saw no results so i was going to quit using it alltogthor. . but however i kept with the program. and instead of just lasering it once, i would do each underarm twice. so thats when i started to see results. now, there are patches of no hair. and the hair that is there is thin. it looks soo much better when i shave now it looks completely hairless. it is almost hairless after all. its only been 2 months and already they look amazing. . if this good luck continues i will start doing my arms and legs as well.