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  • Jacob Thomas - no problems, many features, compact, fast, MORE Length:: 4:35 Mins

    Note: I got this for my birthday, so it could have come from any store. Delicate components are in a printer, so amazon shipping with UPS or FEDEX is not the best idea.

    For the money, this printer is worth it. Many people have given this printer bad reviews. It prints fine. Check out my video for an idea of the printing. I haven't tested high quality pictures, but check my video for what I DID do. It has a low power (sleep) state, which takes like 3 more seconds to print from. This baby has many features, which most HPs these days have. It scans/copies in 2 ways, the 8.5x12 flat scanner (extra inch for a-4 paper, as apposed to 11 inch letter paper), and a fax scanner which you feed through the top and it rolls through the machine and out in a designated release area. A small but perfect 2x1.5 inch lcd display, with 3 corresponding buttons on top of each other (like atm buttons) next to the display, plus a back button, a cancel button, a home button, a settings button, a "?" help/more info button, an e-print info button (when connected to the internet via usb to an internet computer, or wirelessly through the home wifi network, you can sign into your iPhone app and print anything from anywhere, or you can email it to the printer's provided email address, which also is doable from virtually anywhere), and a wireless button, which can start the wireless process with your router, or through settings it can also . It also has the 9 key/letter corresponding buttons, and a power button of course. The ink insertion is always simple, and the printer automatically slides the ink out to be accessible. The fax scanner has a jam-fixing "backdoor" on the top you can just pull up and un-jam your paper with. When you pull the other top up to access the ink, which conveniently opens up like a laired book, the jammed paper for printing also has a jam-fixing "backdoor" right behind where you insert the ink. These are all just things on the printer. Now for waht it can do...

    The printer is quite loud, estimating between 30-40 decibels of high-noise. It is a mix between a super quiet vacuum and a tiny but loud fan. Once again, check out my video.

    The wireless features, and overall operating system features make these printers so useful for windows 7,8, and mac OS X v 10.6, lion, and Mountain lion. the printer has never disconnected, and all software installation was self-explanitory.

    I can't even explain half of the features on this thing, but to sum it up, printing and scanning from anywhere, when on your computer you can set up password protected (optional) settings to keep others from changing them. You can use HP update which the printer auto updates on its own. You can scan from the printer and send the images as jpegs, pdfs, OR EDITABLE word documents (for microsoft word, open office, abiword, etc). All you need to do to get editable word documents to work, is install the required programs on your computer, and make sure your printer is connected to the computer or network. You can register your printer, check ink levels, use maintenance tools to keep it working, change its name, security settings, etc, hp print and scan doctor, and many more features. CHECK OUT MY VIDEO

    CONS TO PRINTER: it isn't the best dpi scanner, it runs out of black way faster than I thought it would, because the black cartridge isn't much bigger than the color, it is pretty loud, paper tray requires the printer to be lifted, it pulled back out all the way, then pushed back in all the way, not much else
  • Tess1970 - Best acne product availableI'm currently 42 years old and began having adult acne about four years ago. I spent literally thousands of dollars on products and visits to my dermatologist. My official "diagnosis" was cystic nodular acne due to hormones...I was going to the doctor weekly to have shots of medication injected into the affected sites. The doctor prescribed several different, (and very expensive), creams, gels, etc., and none of them helped...with nothing working, my doctor wanted to prescribe Accutane as a last resort. After researching this medication, I was not willing to take the health risks involved, so I was left with doing more research, spending more money, becoming more frustrated, and even beginning to struggle with lowered self-esteem due to the condition of my skin. One day I simply typed "What is the best acne treatment available?" into Google, and I came across Exposed Skin Care. I must tell you that this is the very first review I've ever taken the time to write on any product I've ever purchased. I'm writing this review because it completely changed my skin in ways that nothing else had been able to for four frustrating years. Within the first week, I noticed calming of the existing acne...after that, the acne began to subside, then go away altogether within 4-6 weeks. Not only did it treat the major acne, but also the whiteheads and blackheads. I've used Exposed for about a year now, and I get compliments on my skin all the's fun to tell people that at this time last year I was in a doctor's chair getting shots injected into cysts on my face, and now I don't even have any dark spots where the acne used to be. I wish I had before and after pictures to go along with this really is a true success story. The red/dark spots are all gone...I only use a mineral make-up with minimal concealer necessary. Since I have "maturing" skin, I simply use a make-up and daily moisturizer that contains sunscreen, and a night cream with anti-aging properties along with the Exposed system.
    If you're struggling with acne, you will not regret purchasing this literally changed my life by helping me regain my self-confidence and self-esteem by clearing away the awful acne, controlling oil, and balancing my skin back to normal. Not only is it wonderful, it's very reasonably priced...especially when compared to the products I was purchasing from my doctor. Auto-ship helps ensure I never run out of any of the products, and each time you receive a shipment, there is a coupon for $5 off an individual also receive a discount on individual products when you're a member.