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  • W Greenhalf - A very sympathetic review of the historical figure of JesusContrary to the hype this is not some revisionist attack on the figure of Jesus. Quite the contrary, the book covers ground well trodden before.

    All accounts of the historical figure of Jesus would be considered controversial and potentially offensive by people brought up with the story of Jesus as presented by the Christian churches. I am a Christian but no one can rationally portray the new testament as a history book, if you try you will soon find yourself tied in knots of self evident contradictions. Fortunately, most Christians admit to themselves that belief requires faith in a fairly vague concept and not an historically accurate description of one man's life. The minority of Christians who do accept the bible at face value are fortunately protected in their faith by avoiding reading anything that challenges their fundamentalism.

    Reza Aslan's book has suffered the glare of publicity that the many, many other books of this genre written by Christians and agnostics have avoided. Some fundamentalists will no doubt have been encouraged to read some or all of it (or perhaps just a description from someone else). No doubt they have been offended and will continue to be deeply offended. Heaven help them if they ever read any of the other books covering this topic - because frankly most of this body of work is far more scathing in its treatment of Jesus the man and all of it is disparaging about the gospels as historical documents.

    So if the book offers nothing new what it does offer is an extremely good read, exceptionally well written and very accessible. I didn't learn anything new and disagreed with some of the statements (I do not believe that "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's" was ever meant to be a call to arms), but I enjoyed the presentation and finished the book with a much more sympathetic feeling towards this man from Nazareth.
  • Gaston Pouliot - Asus Transformer Prime TabletI like it and I used it, more and more as time goes by. I just regret that I have not choosen the 64 GB instead of the 32 GB. I would like to have more memory on my tablet. Also, I didn't received the color I asked for my tablet. The tablet delvered was colour Gold instead of Champagne. But, it is not a problem, just a little deception