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  • Goldie - Best rack for valueThis bike rack was just as advertised. Holds two bikes securely, although it is heavy to insert into hitch receiver and remove. Best to have some help. Only issue that we encountered was that the large bolt that secures the rack to the hitch receiver was a bit bigger in diameter than the hole we chose to use. Had to have a neighbor make that hole a bit larger to accommodate the bolt. Be careful to use the locking mechanism on the side opposite your auto's exhaust pipe. We are really pleased with this rack and anticipate that the long 1,100 mile trip we are planning to take with these bikes will be a breeze.
  • ASPPAgal - My feet love these shoesI bought these in rouge red as a tribute to Wendy Davis and her courageous filibuster. After buying the Mizunos I discovered Wendy also knows her shoes. I wear them all day and -- they're so comfortable -- I don't even want to take them off when I get home after work!

    Women deserve unfettered access to safe medical care (and equal pay for equal work). Wendy is right about more than her shoes. Stop the craziness. Stop the war on women.
  • Hawks - Great Product if You Take the EffortAfter struggling with math all through high school, I fell in love with MyMathLab after taking a Advanced Algebra class using it. I found the site easy to use and navigate, and it was also very helpful. It makes homework so much easier and I can honestly say I learned more from this program than from my university proffessor.

    In my previous experience with this product, each of our homework assignments were 10 questions, and each question represented a slightly different way of expressing the concepts you were learning. If you did not understand the question, a guided tutorial would work you through the problem, give you the answer, and present you with a new, but like, question. Getting immediate feedback on questions I could not otherwise answer was great, and it saved a trip across campus to the professor's office.

    I also enjoyed being able to know exactly were I stood in the class, and having all the resources to exceed. Assuming your professor updates outside class work, MyMathLab tracks all of your test, quizes, and homework scores so you will always know how you are doing. Many other features such as practice problems and practice tests gave me plenty of exposure to the concepts before taking a graded paper test in class.

    The book was provided in an electronic format with the online program, which meant there was no need to buy a $100+ textbook. It's also great that the program is 100% online, so there is no software to download and you can do homework anywhere you have the Internet.
  • "mantagun" - ANIMALS, SIMPLY THE BEST.With all the attention surrounding, DarkSide of the Moon and The Wall, often Animals gets overlooked. Sure, there is Wish You Were Here, Meddle and even early work like Clouds and Saucer, but none of it compares. I am a big fan of Roger Waters/Pink Floyd and even Post Roger Waters, Pink Flyod, and everything they have done peeked at Animals. The combination of Hard Rock with a very Classically composed melady and lyrics, that you just have to listen to (because not only did they speak for that time, but they still relavent about today), all come together to produce the MOST UNDERRATED rock and roll album ever.Animals, like The Final Cut, are very hard albums to get into. They aren't as flashy or have catchy songs like some of the more popular works, but they are strong works that need to be listen to over and over again to appreaciate how good they are. I know you may think why do I have to listen to it over and over again? Beacuse it is so good, that it takes time just for you to pick up how subtlly brilliant it really is.Animals, is an album composed of masterful simple music, strengthened by David Gilmour's phenomenal guitar and surrounding prolific lyrics from Roger Waters. It simply starts and ends with a single aucoustic guitar and then takes off into another world with Dogs (This is quite possibly the best Floyd song ever, live version is even better), Pigs [Three different ones] and Sheep (a close second, in best Floyd best song ever). Dogs and Sheep anchor this album with David Gilmour's guitar, speaking to you when there are no lyrics, and accompanied by calming keyboards, that leave you in an almost transcendent state. You lose yourself when listening to Animals, before you know it, the album is over, you've been daydreaming for forty-five minutes and you want to listen to it again. This is simply a must own if you are a Floyd fan, even if you are just a small time fan...."After a while, you can work on points for style. Like a club tie and a firm handshake, sudden look in the eye, an easy smile. You have to be trusted, by the people you lied, so when they turn thier backs on you, you get the chance to put the knife in."