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  • Robert A. Grossman - Been using for yearsIf you run a relatively simple small company then this product works great. Don't bother with big brother QuickBooks Pro 2011 unless your business structure is really large and complicated.

    For handling simple tasks such as accounts payable, AR, and running standard reports like cost of goods sold, balance sheet, and income statements, and for having the data necessary for your tax return this product fits the bill. I've been using Quiken H & B for probably ten years. I buy the update every year simply because I like to have the latests and greatest.

    That one can also manage one's personal finances separately, with the same product is a bonus too. I have both Macs and Sindows PCs and I've always bought the Windows version of the software as the reviews for the Mac leave a lot to be desired.

    Intuit's been at this for as long as I can remember; well maybe not quite that long; and they know how to make a user friendly product that's well designed AND WELL SUPPORTED!

    If you do your own taxes; I do, then the interface with Turbo Tax is seamless.

    I did use MS Money for a couple of years, way back when, but Quicken, in my humble opinion, has always led the market with their products. In fact, I don't even think they make MS Money anymore.

    I think you can buy this product with confidence. I've used their tech support on a number of occassions. Typically, it's a chat-based support but it's been effective and never have I been left with an unresolved problem.
  • ng - love itI have tried everything from dermatologist visits with prescription pills and topicals, to proactiv and everything available over the counter. Exposed has worked the best for me, and I've been using the system around a year and a half. What I like about the acne treatment serum is that it doesn't get dry like toothpaste on your face like most BP creams (which is unfortunate when you put it on in the morning). I've found spot treating with BP on top of the clear pore serum at night really helps. Definitely won't go back to using anything else.