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City: Montreal, Quebec

  • Mrs.Echon - My all around stroller! Love it!!!!Love the HUGE basket space. LOVE all the recline positions and truly,from the bottom of my heart,thank Uppababy for designing the seat to actually be in an actual straight position. I don't think babies like to sit up with a slouch. My baby is 8 months,slender,and usually falls to her sides when she sits up in her stroller (her old Britax B-Agile). Love the canopy,protects baby,great ventilation...pretty much a window! Seat is plush,easy to clean. LOVE how I can easily switch how baby faces on the stroller. LOVE the height of the seat. I don't like to use booster seats at restaurants,and I always request to use my stroller as a high chair. The seat on this stroller is at a perfect level to a dining table. Cup holders are in the way,pain to put on and take off,and then to put away! Nice cup holders,though. Not at all flimsy,can hold small and big cups. AWESOME DEAL. Bassinet is very well made. Mosquito net and rain shield included are in great shape. Would take me a bit of time to securely attach the rain cover,but,that's just another way of mommy showing love and care to baby! I purchased the all black frame,Jake. Love it's simplicity and most of all,practicality! Easy brake system,step on,step shoes greatly appreciate not having to push up the brake! Hated that about my Britax B-Agile. Lots of accessories to this system. Totally in love with my Uppababy Vista! I have the Origami stroller,even that cool stroller has no say to the Vista! This is a bit heavy to load and unload,but easy and so light to push! Rides smoooooth! Smart stroller for a growing family. LOVE MY VISTA! Glad I finally own one!
  • B. Gentry - Most Informative Book So FarThis single book has been more informative than any doctor I've spoken with. The opening chapters outline underlying causes for these various illnesses and go into great detail. This gave me the tools to better approach my doctors and explain what was going on to family members. To top it off, the book concludes with recipes on how to get started with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It's a fairly good starter for recipes but I'd also highly recommend Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet: The Grain-Free, Lactose-Free, Sugar-Free Solution to IBD, Celiac Disease, Autism, Cystic Fibrosis, and Other Health Conditions (Healthy Living Cookbooks) as a good starter cookbook. I typically don't go to the trouble of reviewing products but this book has been as effective, if not more, than any medication.
  • Bucko678 - Best Tablet Ever!!!I finally received my prime two days ago. I must admit that I was concerned about the build quality after reading many accounts of issues that were experienced by those that received the first batch. If you're still waiting on your preorder, consider yourself lucky, as I've encountered no issues thus far. My build is

    Rather than go over the specs, yet again, I will focus instead on the elements that have received all of the bad press.

    Wifi: I don't doubt that wifi issues delayed the release of the prime. As such, the first thing I did was connect to my home network and install speedtest. I was shocked to see the meter register a blistering and consistent 7mb/s, greatly exceeding the 5mb/s that my htc evo 4g registers. I've read that ASUS added another wifi antenna to resolve the connectivity issues. I can't confirm this to be true, but I can confirm that I have no wifi issues.

    GPS: I've read that some people were unable to get a gps lock. While I don't anticipate using this functionality for navigation, I still wanted to confirm that my unit did not have this defect. To test the gps, I downloaded gps status from the market. I turned off my network connection, and stood in my back yard with the prime level to the ground. I locked on 8 satelites in less than two minutes.

    Light bleed: I read numerous complaints about light bleed resulting from mis-alignment of the glass. To test my unit I downloaded backlight bleed test from the market. Although there was a negligible amount of bleed on the bottom right corner, in normal use I did not notice any bleed at all.

    Browser lag and force closes: Yes, it's true. The stock browser has some lag, and a few apps force closed. This is true of any honeycomb tablet. Thankfully, ice scream sandwich will be rolled out in January. ICS will optimize the hardware of the prime, and every indication is that the lag will be gone. Note that I'm running ICS on my Evo, and it runs like butter.

    Overall, the prime has thus far exceeded all of my expectations. My only complaint is that I have yet to receive my keyboard dock...

    Updated 1/2/2012:

    I awoke this morning to some disappointing news. Apparently ASUS chose to deliberately lock and encrypt the bootloader, thus restricting ones ability to load customizations. For most potential owners, this is not a big deal. For myself and many others, it is a potential deal breaker. I choose android over ios primarily because I appreciate my freedom. Android allows me to completely control my user experience. I was an eary adopter of the evo 4g phone. Since I purchased that phone, many others with improved bells and whistles have come onto the market. Having an unlocked bootloader gives me the ability to constantly make my phone feel new. As I mention below, I'm currently running an alpha version of ice cream sandwich on my phone, despite the fact that my phone is not on the upgrade list. This is because Google chose to make andoid an open platform. Open is the philosophy that differentiates android from apple. For a manufactorer to create a device designed for android enthusiasts, but not subscribe to the open philosophy of android is extremely unfortunate. Unless ASUS changes coarse on this point, they will stifle the potential of this otherwise exceptional device.

    Since I relize that the above will not impact most potential buyers, I'm deducting only one star. If this was a review posted to an enthusiast site, the device would earn only 3 stars.


    ASUS agreed to unlock the bootloader if the device owner agrees to opt-out of the warranty. For myself, this is awesome news. Now I will be able to install android versions that ASUS does not support on the device (Jelly Bean?). I am still extremely happy with the unit. I will not unlock the bootloader for the forseeable future. Once I am satisfied that my unit has no hardware defects, I will opt out of the warranty and bring back the newness.

    I applaud ASUS for reacting to their customer's needs and have restored my original 5-star rating.
  • Lourdes - Best stroller!I have had this stroller for 6 months now, and I don't have any complaints. The canopy is large enough, the stroller is incredibly light, and its compact. It's been to Disney World twice, Universal and Busch gardens more than I can count. I would recommend this stroller over any other- I have had several other strollers - much higher priced and they don't compare in maneuverability and weight. What sold me was how light it was as durable, especially since it goes in and out of my car often.
    Would recommend the tray and cup holder , but I bought them much later and didn't really miss them in the beginning. Other than that- its the best stroller.
  • Poor old dad - My first Cormac McCarthy readAs I say in my title, this is the first book by Cormac McCarthy that I have read (Kindle version). This will absolutely not be my last!

    The book was an easy read, taking a couple of evenings at most. The easiness is deceptive as the story is very haunting and stays with you, eliciting memories and visions of passages for some time afterwards. This is quite a feat, considering the narrowness of the storyline. Even though there was cannibalism in the book, it was not dwelled upon and played only a minor part in the challenges faced by "the man" and "the boy".

    Most amazing was the undaunting desire by the characters to survive and to maintain hope on their journey in spite of overwelming odds against survival and the always at hand means to end their lives.