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  • Sara B - Loved the download option!Having just moved to a small town, I'm just becoming an "internet shopper"...wanted this product or something similar (have used QuickBooks for our business for the last 5 years) for our personal finances. I was able to compare this product to other Quiken products as well as Quickbooks, etc. to find what would suit my needs... I was extremely skeptical to purchase a download ... it was amazing - right there after I paid, I got an email with instructions for the download - easy to follow and had it working in less than 10 minutes from purchase! Exactly what I wanted!
  • Cynthia Ramer "Hyacynth" - Reading with Kindle made easyI fell at work and broke both wrists,and have a torn rotator cuff. With nothing to do but read or watch TV during the long recovery period, I found holding books almost impossible because of the pain in my hands and wrists. My ortho doctor introduced me to his Kindle, and I immediately purchased mine. I am able to read books now, and even have my scriptures, Church hymns, and Sunday School lesson manual downloaded. Kindle goes everywhere with me, except the tub! Folks stop me all the time to ask me what I am looking at and I bet I could have personally sold a dozen or so since May 2008.
  • Loretta - Fast and easy to useI've been putting off buying one of these because i thought it was just another piece of equipment that i would leave on my counter. But now that I own it I wish i did this long ago. I use this everyday and it's so nice to make my drink before going to work. It's so much more healthier than grabbing the latte. the larger blender is now put away because i can't see using it now that i have the Nutri Bullet. It's so fast and easy to use and cleaning up couldn't be easier.
  • Tom Roth - A must readFirst I admit I'm a basketball junkie. That being said, this book is a must read for not only coaches but anyone who develops people. Sales managers (which I am) do yourself a favor and not only read this book; but make it required reading for your staff. Then discuss and apply the principals.
  • Lindy Lou - romantic escapism with reality rootsI feel embarrassed to admit to people that I am reading a series of fantasies involving a time travelling heroine and her hunk of a 18th century highland Scot husband. Think bodice-ripper. But Gabaldon writes very well, develops real depth in her characters and has thorougly researched her historical period/s. I was thoroughly sucked in by the first two novels - this one has jumped the shark a bit, and personally I don't need so many sex scenes, but is still a damn good read!