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  • S. Al-Amri - Easy to Install and UseThe installation on this went very quickly. First I removed the older virus scanner I had been using and then this installed with no problem. I had used this before and remembered the wait for removing the older version.

    It has also been working without all sorts of things popping up and bothering me which is the way I like my protection. It is giving me protection without making me read and click things every little bit. This company is one I have used before and I was very happy to be able to grab one to test just when I needed a new one on a laptop.
  • Vahagn - Awesome productWell this is one if the best tablets I've ever meet. It works like a charm almost all the time. Sometimes there may be some issues with "The Library" app, which I think is Asus fault. I suggest to turn wifi off if you don't use it, cause it takes almost 70% of battery