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  • Brittany Hagler - One of the best 'dystopian' books I've found.Wonderful, addicting page-turner. It had a great plot and well developed characters. It never got too complicated or confusing. The pacing was also extremely well done. I never found myself getting even a tad bit bored. Usually I can pretty well anticipate the ending/plot twists of books such as this just because I've read so many books in this sort of genre, but this one definitely surprised me multiple times. Would very highly recommend. Also, one can never beat the instantaneous satisfaction of seeing this book on Amazon and getting to read it like 30 seconds later. Love the one-click settings and super quick download on the Kindle app on my iPad.
  • Artsy - How did I live without it?Like every other gadget in the universe, once you have it you find all kinds of uses for it you never imagined! I have now used the tablet for several months and I am really pleased with the brilliance and crispness of the screen. I have the wireless version but I "tether" it to my Samsung smartphone so when I am away from my home/office I can access the internet and show the photos posted on my blog and website in all their glory. But sad to say, I am now addicted to playing solitaire and mahjongg in bed before falling asleep... probably should not have shared that! It is also just the right size for reading magazines I subscribe to electronically. And I can stream TV shows and movies in my hotel room or anywhere in the house or out of it. It is so lightweight I can slip it in my bag and I don't even know it is there. As I knew I was going to be getting a smartphone (just got it a week ago) I really wasn't sure if I needed a tablet too, but I am really happy I bought it.
  • Lisa I. - Great product!Works great. Substantially reduced my hair growth even after the first treatment. Would definitely get the glasses to go with this. Even though it says it doesn't emit a flash unless it's in complete contact with your skin, I was still nervous about it. I could still see a very bright flash. I placed the device where I wanted it to go then covered my eyes with a towel before pushing the button. Other than that I love this device.
  • Dan Zulevic - Life-changing. Believe the five-star reviews.Like so many other reviewers, my chronic back pain had me considering surgery. The surgeon warned that the appropriate procdure was quite likely to have an unsatisfactory outcome. He said to me, " Come back when you're disabled." That sounded ominous to me. The condition had worsened steadily to the point that I could not stand or walk for more than five minutes at a time without severe sciatica-like pain demanding that I sit down.

    Other therapies, yoga, Pilates and chiropractic had produced no lasting effects. In researching nonsurgical techniques, I ran across a small but positive mention of Esther Gokhale. Even though I live within a half hour's drive of her office, I had never heard of her or her methods. The book was not very expensive so I bought it, despite my wariness about the title. I'm a little cynical about self-help books in general, and a great many are titled "8 Steps...."

    Within four hours of its arrival, I had read through it all. The photographs and illustrations approach the beauty of those within a coffee table book. They are effectively interspersed with the text so that the information is not too densely packed. Although I immediately gobbled it down, I still consult it frequently for new insights on the techniques.

    The testimonials are very persuasive, in that they are given by knowledgeable people with no obvious ax to grind. The layout of the book makes the most of these testimonials by inserting many of them throughout and enclosing those in the same green rectangles used to identify the instructions. At first glance this might seem confusing, but just as the steps draw the reader through the procedure, the testimonials steadily support one's progress.

    Some reviewers found it initially somewhat difficult to absorb and use the book's information in its entirety without some sort of augmentation in the form of video. I'm not sure whether I was one of those or not, though, because I immediately phoned her office to join one of her six-week classes. "8 Steps.." inspired this and now it is my reference book.

    I seemed to be the least able student in the class, by far, and my pain is not yet gone. Nonetheless, my condition is steadily improving. Along the way, I can use the Gokhale Method to alleviate the residual pain. If you have any joint pain grab this book and open it and along with it your mind. If you don't have any such limitations, get it anyway, open it and use it. Your body will work better and look better.