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  • MollyD - indispensable for home and travelThis is by far one of the best purchases we've made for our baby (now 11 months old). We got the dark green color which was for some reason a few bucks cheaper than the other colors. I purchased it when she was around 5 months and she was able to use it right away, way before she was able to sit up comfortably in those wooden restaurant high chairs. This keeps her comfortable and close to the action on the table (so watch where you put your plates...). We use it daily on the counter of our kitchen island; I love that she is able to watch whatever I am working on in the kitchen. The big draw for us initially was its portability - my husband and I like to travel a lot. This chair folds flat for packing - the space it takes up isn't negligible, but with all the other crap a baby requires you're going to have to move up in suitcase size anyways. It is not a problem fitting it in a mid to large sized roller bag with a bunch of other stuff. I'd say, folded up, it's about the size of a puzzle or game box. We are able to use it at about 75% of restaurants. We were pretty lazy about buckling her in at first but since about ten months old she has been able to easily climb out of it, leveraging her feet against the bottom loop and the center belt strap, so watch out. She also bounces around and throws herself pretty forcefully against the back of the chair and it shows no sign of budging off the counter. Also I've taken it apart to hand wash a few times, that's really easy, although generally a wipe with a wet rag does a good enough job. Hopefully we can continue to use this chair for another year. I love it and recommend it to all of my friends with babies.
  • Aaron Schug - The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is a great tablet!I have been using this tablet for just over a month now. I wanted to wait a while before writing this review to be sure I had tested it out thoroughly. I must say that I am extremely pleased with the performance of this tablet. I researched for months before I bought a tablet because I wanted one that wasn't restricted, had good reviews, but most of all, was affordable. I didn't want to drop $500+ into a tablet or an i-pad. I got this tablet and a leather case with a removable/rechargeable/bluetooth keyboard for under $350. That was one heck of a deal to me. Another good thing about this tablet is that it comes the the android 4.1.1 operating system. From what I read, the previous OS was somewhat restricted. I got this tablet from Amazon, so I wouldn't worry about getting an older version.

    (Update 5-25-13)
    Loved this tablet so much that my girlfriend couldn't resist getting her own. She too is very satisfied with the tablet. In fact, she likes this tablet over her I-pad Mini that she got from her job.

    (Update 8-26-13)
    Now my girlfriends mother got this tablet. Again, all three of us love it! I am now in my second semester using it. Still very satisfied. In fact, Samsung has updated the way the tablet works with external keyboards so now it is even more easy to use. It is much more like a laptop with control v,c,x etc. working better. Before,the tab button would set your cursor off the page instead of the next box down the list (if you were filling out a form like address info etc). Now it all works! One disappointment I still have is that the copy and paste problem still has not been addressed. It's too bad, that is really the only real complaint I have with this tablet.

    (Update 10-2-13)

    There was a new software update for this tablet that in my opinion, is an improvement from the previous layout. I have had a few weeks to use it and have enjoyed the update. The best part about this update is that the COPY AND PASTE WORKS!!! Finally, the only huge complaint I had with this tablet has been addressed! My tablet hasn't crashed using copy and paste since the recent software update!

    Battery Life/Portability

    Every single day that I go to school I put this tablet through its paces. I take hours of notes, study/read books on it, watch videos, listen to music, I use everything daily on it. It's so nice to have the portability of a tablet. Especially in a crowded area with little space like a train. Unlike a computer, I can pull the tablet out and turn it on and off without waiting for it to boot up or shut down. It's also very nice to not have to deal with a permanent keyboard for situations like that. Battery life is amazing too. I start using it on the train at 7 am, go through the entire day at college, and continue to use it until I am back from my train ride which is around 4:30 pm. That's 9 and a half hours of near constant use with the wifi on and it still has around 25% battery life left.

    Note Taking

    It's very convenient for note taking because unlike an i-pad, Microsoft word, power point, and excel work on it for FREE! It comes with software that will run all of this, however, I prefer kingsoft office which was also free. It's just more user friendly. During note taking, I often get on Google and insert pictures into my notes. I must admit that it isn't quite as easy to do as a computer because you can't simultaneously have a word program up at the same time as the internet browser. But it does save your spot in the word program and in the internet browser so it's very easy to jump back and fourth. I have typed many papers and taken many notes for hours at a time and felt comfortable doing so. This is why I got the 10.1" vs the 7". I wanted to be comfortable because I knew I would be using this for long periods of time. I even typed this review on my tablet. However, keep in mind that I don't use the touchscreen keyboard for my typing. I got a leather case with a removable keyboard. GSAstore (tm) - 10.1 Inch Protfolio Case with Removable Bluetooth Keyboard for Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 (N8000/N8010/N8013). Black I am very happy with this product and recommend checking it out. The touchscreen keyboard isn't bad, just not efficient enough for long periods of typing in my opinion. There is one thing I discovered that can be annoying. When copying and pasting, it can cause the tablet to reboot. This doesn't happen every time you copy and paste, but either way, it's a pain. I did research online and apparently this has nothing to do with the tablet but with all newer Android operating systems. Phones and tablets are included. I am sure Android will fix this with an update in the future. This is one of the only problems I have found with this tablet.

    Update 5-9-13 (Note Taking)

    I recently found out that this tablet can have trouble with documents that are big. I mean VERY big. I have an anatomy notes document that is literally 160+ pages with loads of pictures that I inserted into it. The tablet takes a while to load it to begin with, but the larger problem resides with scrolling through the document. It's large enough to where the scrolling is no longer smooth but "jittery". Also, changes take a while to save. This is a HUGE document though. It's probably unlikely that most people will run into this issue with normal sized documents!


    I know that some people as well as myself were concerned about this being strenuous on the eyes after long duration's of reading. I have not found this to be the case. The screen can be easily dimmed down while reading your book. You can pick what background color you want behind the text to help (kindle store). Another cool feature (amazon kindle store) is that while reading a book, if you see a word you don't know, you can select that word and the program provides you with a definition of that word.

    Web Browsing

    Browsing the web is crisp and smooth, so is watching videos via websites like Youtube or forums that don't have apps. The streaming for the apps works wonderfully too (most of my experience is with Netflix and IGN). The screen is amazing and clear, especially when watching a movie or show in HD.


    The 16 GB of stock memory actually lasts a pretty long time. I have put all of my music (about 8 GB) on it, and have a whole lot of documents and apps installed with plenty of room to spare. You can always buy the micro SD card to extend the memory another 32 GB. You can connect this tablet to your computer via the cable provided and get anything you want from your computer. I simply drag/dropped my music into my tablet. Its very simple. Most of my music is in i-tunes, this tablet automatically converts the i-tunes files so they can be used.


    It is very easy to sync multiple emails to this tablet and also very easy to navigate those emails. You can attach any file just as if you were on your computer.


    The speakers on this tablet are in fact surprisingly loud. I would say they are about as loud as most laptop speakers. Obviously they don't make the music sound "full" with bass and other variations in tone but that isn't really a problem for me. I am impressed with the speakers sound quality.

    Video Chat
    My girlfriend and I use our tablets to video chat. It works very well, the picture quality isn't HD, but neither is my $1700 laptop. They look about the same to tell the truth. The system is very easy to use and is much more convenient through a tablet versus a computer!

    Update 6-18-13 (Screen)

    I have had this tablet for quite some time now and have no problems to report. I still use it every day even when I am not in school. It is just so convenient to have around the house for various reasons. I wanted to talk some about how well the glass for the screen has held up. I didn't buy a clear screen cover because I read that Samsung used "their own version of gorilla glass". I have had it in a case the entire time that I have owned the tablet. I have yet to see any permanent marks/scratches of any kind. I simply use glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth every now and then to clean the screen. So with that being said, I would say that if you have a decent case, you don't need to waste money on a clear screen protector.

    I will continue to update this review as I learn more about the tablet or if I run into anything problematic. So far, this has exceeded my expectations. It works so well and is very convenient on various levels. If anyone has any questions about this tablet, I would be more than happy to answer to the best of my knowledge.
  • submariner - She's REALLY BACK!!!Saw this concert on tv. Had to own it. Sade is back after a 10 year layoff and better than ever!!! What a performance.I only wish I could have been there personally. But in my town we're lucky to get one of the Pips. Just imagine Ladies and gentlemen we present THE PIP. This ain't South Florida. Soooooo we buy lots of concert DVD's and watch you enjoy yourselves AT the concert. I won't see Sade unless her bus breaks down. Concert on I95.